Theme: Hunger (Sunday 20 Sept, 2020)
Series: Hungry
Bible Reading: John 6:25-35
Preacher: Rev Phil Swain

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Are you hungry? Do you have a real hunger for more of God? Do you hunger for things to be right and just in this world? Many people across the world are experiencing physical hunger but even more people are experiencing a spiritual hunger … wanting more of God in their life, or a hunger for God’s word to speak to them, or a hunger for a sense of God’s presence, or even a hunger for justice or for things to be made right. Using Jesus words from John 6, Phil will help us explore what do we might do when we are hungry and how do we might find the things that satisfy that hunger?

Phil challenged us last week to consider exploring this topic of hunger by … being hungry. The challenge was to skip breakfast on Sunday morning or if your are really keen, skip both Saturday dinner and Sunday breakfast so that you are experiencing physical hunger as we explore this topic of Hunger. This is only optional … just an idea.