Turrazone returns for 2020 at 5:30-7pm on
Friday 7th February.

We'd love to see you there.

Turrazone - Kids Group for kids in School Years 3-6

This term Turrazone goes to the Movies. Turrzone is for kids in school years 3-6 and runs from 5:30-7pm every Friday night., includes dinner and costs $5 each week (or $40 for the whole term). At TurraZone we play games and other activities, eat dinner, learn a bit about God and have fun!

This term we are bringing in a time machine* so we can travel to different eras and have fun.  We can’t wait for the 80’s night (great music), going back to the future (Video games night) and even to medieval times with knights and princesses.  Lots of opportunity to dress up if you want to.

The big event for the term is Kid Camp Out - a 24 hour overnight camp where we join with about 150 kids from across Sydney for a huge time of fun, crafts, sports, singing and learning.  See the special KCO form for all the details.

We are so looking forward to seeing you at TurraZone!

Jonty, Kristy, Ryan, Morgs, Jacinta, Matt, Somerset, Annika, Megan, Marty & Phil