Turrazone - Kids Group for kids in School Years 3-6

This term Turrazone goes to the Movies. Turrzone is for kids in school years 3-6 and runs from 5:30-7pm every Friday night., includes dinner and costs $5 each week (or $40 for the whole term). At TurraZone we play games and other activities, eat dinner, learn a bit about God and have fun! This term every night will be based around the theme of a movie title. This folder contains your tickets for each night this term including….

  • May 24: We are having a great video game night.
  • June 7 is a special night where the kids get to take the reigns of Turrazone … you get to run the games, decide the winner.
  • June 14 we are getting back the inflatable soccer field and slushie machines for our annual Soccer and Slushie night! Awesome.
  • June 28 is our fire pit night so dress warmly.

We look forward to seeing you all this term.
Don’t forget your tickets each week!

March 29: Laser Tag. We are transforming our church into an awesome indoor laser tag arena with proper laser tag equipment. Bring your friends - will you be the champion?

We are so looking forward to seeing you at TurraZone!

Jonty, Steve, Kristy, Ryan, Morgs, Amelia, Jacinta, Matt, Somerset, Annika, Megan, Marty & Phil