Turrazone - Kids Group for kids in School Years 3-6

What an amazing year it has been for Turrazone and we have saved the most AMAZING nights for last. This term theme is AMAZING and every night will be AMAZING. Turrazone runs from 5:30-7pm every Friday night. Turrazone includes dinner and costs $5 each week (or $40 for the whole term).  At TurraZone we play games and other activities, eat dinner, learn a bit about God and have fun! We have a huge term coming up...

  • Saturday Oct 27 is our church’s flea market - see note on back of this flyer. At Turrazone the night before we will be helping set up and then chilling out.
  • Friday 16th November we are going off-site (well across the road to Cameron Park) for a massive water fight. This is going to be an AMAZING night so bring a towel and invite your friends.
  • On our second last night—7th December—we are celebrating our Christmas Party where everyone gets a Chrissy Present from the leaders!
  • Our last night will be a pool party at Jonty (our youthworkers) home in Pymble. You will need to be dropped off /picked up there.

We are so looking forward to seeing you at TurraZone! It is going to be AMAZING.

Jonty, Nick, Kristy, Morgs, Marty, Somerset, Annika & Phil