Turrazone - Kids Group for kids in School Years 3-6

This term Turrazone goes to the Movies. Turrzone is for kids in school years 3-6 and runs from 5:30-7pm every Friday night., includes dinner and costs $5 each week (or $40 for the whole term). At TurraZone we play games and other activities, eat dinner, learn a bit about God and have fun!

This term the leaders have come up with a creative way to "spread" the fun over the term.  Each week is loosely based around something that you "spread" onto bread.  It might sound crazy but it is guaranteed to be fun.

We are so looking forward to seeing you at TurraZone!

Jonty, Steve, Kristy, Ryan, Morgs, Amelia, Jacinta, Matt, Somerset, Annika, Megan, Marty & Phil