Square One is a youth group for high schoolers in years 7-12 that meets on Friday evenings at 7:15-9:30pm. The evening costs $5.

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From the Square Leaders

Hey.  After the disruption of 2020, we are excited about SquareOne returning in-person for 2021 and this term’s plan is great.  The idea is that every second night is a huge night with lots of activity and the in-between nights are more chilled with a focus on being together and chatting.  SQ1 runs from 7:15pm -9:30pm every Friday night.   SquareOne includes supper and costs $5 each week (or $30 for the whole term). 

The 12th March, we are going timeless … starting at 7:15pm and not finishing until after breakfast  8am the next day!

We are so looking forward to seeing you at SQ1!

Click here to download the Term 1 Flyer