Square One is a youth group for high schoolers in years 7-12 that meets on Friday evenings at 7:30-9:30pm.

We are back in person for term 4!

Please not the start time of 7:30pm, which allows for us to clean up after Turrazone.

Please bring $5 to cover the costs involved in running Square One and the cleaning equipment involved in preparing and maintaining it. We are currently working on a cashless payment station, but for now please bring cash. We can only meet in groups of up to 20, which means that upon entry you will be asked to join either the active games group down in the hall, or the chill games group in the worship centre. At around 8:50 we will gather together in the worship centre for a worship/devotion session. We ask that you please follow instructions with grace and understanding as we comply with NSW Government regulations. If you would like to see our approved COVID-19 safety plan, we are more than happy to share that with you, just get in touch!

Episode 2 of Get Real has just been uploaded onto the YouTube channel, you can watch below. It does tackle the topic of sex, so we encourage viewer discretion when deciding whether you or your child are mature enough for its content.

Jonty, Will, Marty, Ellen, James, Kristy, Max, Callen, Sam and Phil