Square One is a youth group for high schoolers in years 7-12 that meets on Friday evenings at 7:30.

We’re moving back to online programming (hopefully not for long), and we’re taking the week off this week to make sure that we have an awesome online program ready for you. We’ll be back next week (August 14), and all the details will be right here!

We are going to work hard to ensure that every week we will have a new episode of the Square One Podcast uploaded here for you to listen to. The podcast will continue to have in depth conversations with leaders, but will also feature content and conversations from Friday nights.

Download Episode 4 here.

All of the talks given on Friday nights will also be recorded and available to listen to later here on the website.

We hope to see you soon! We can’t wait to see your faces again and hang out together, thank you so much for hanging in there with us as we move through this uncertain time together.

Jonty, Will, Marty, Ellen, James, Kristy, Max, Callen, Sam and Phil