Sermons on Romans

Sermons on Romans

Giving out of Gratitude

Sunday 25th August, 2019Theme: Imagining Hope Week #3Preacher: Rev Phil SwainBible Reading: Deut 24:19-22 / Romans 12:1-12 Sermon Text Today I want to talk about giving … the way we give our time and the way that we give our money. I want us to think about the values that drive us to financially give or volunteer to help or support the causes or programs that we care about. I know we don’t normally talk about giving too much in Read more

I AM … the Resurrection and the Life

Sunday 30th June, 2019Series: I AMPreacher: Phil SwainBible Reading: John 11:1-6, 17-27,38-44 Sermon Last week we started a series in which we are looking at seven key statements that Jesus made about himself … the I AM statement.  In these seven statements we have a glimpse into the person and character of Jesus.  But they are more than this.  In my sermon last week, I said an idea over and over again … can you remember it? Jesus in these Read more

I AM … the Bread of Life AND the Light of the World

Sunday 23rd June, 2019Series: I AMPreacher: Phil SwainBible Reading: John 6:35,47-69 & John 8:12-19 Sermon A few weeks ago, I just clicked over 18 months of being here at TUC.   I have learnt a lot about you and this church over the 18 months, but I am sure that there is still a lot more to learn. I wonder, have you got to know me?  I hope so … after all, I do talk a lot about myself or share Read more

Romans 8 – Foundations

Sunday 16th June, 2019Series: Romans 8Preacher: Phil SwainBible Reading: Romans 8:1-12 Sermon Over the next three weeks I am going to be exploring in depth one single chapter of the Bible – Romans 8 – but before we jump into that I thought it would be good to have a brief overview of the book of Romans just to put it into context. If I was going to sum up the book of Romans in one word … maybe I Read more