Sunday 22nd November – HYBRID WORSHIP

Sunday 22nd November – HYBRID WORSHIP

We are now running HYBRID worship!
Hybrid Worship = Fully Online and In person.

Each Sunday our 9am and 6:30pm worship services are both open for in-person worship while at the same time remain committed in providing high quality, simultaneous, interactive and engaging online worship experiences. Our 10:45am is in a weekly pre-recorded format, with some special “in-person” worship services on the 29th November (next Sunday) and Christmas Day.

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Worship Sunday 22nd Nov

9am Worship

God is with us in the difficult times in life

As 2020 begins to draw to a close, guest speaker Rev Peter Robinson will remind us of the profound truth that God is with us in the difficult times of life. Rev Peter has a wonderful gift in being able to relate the text to real life, and in this sharing will link the Old Testament prophet Isaiah, with the promises of God’s presence and help and ultimate point to the saviour Jesus. This is a talk not to be missed.

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Kids Church at home

10:45am Traditional Service

We are also looking at Trip Hazards. Watch the Service here through our YouTube Link.

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6:30pm Night Church

Sharing My Story and other apologies with Guest Speaker: Molk

We are so pumped to have Steve Molkentin, a.k.a the Molk, coming to share with us his story (and other apologies). Molk is a key member of PULSE, the Uniting Church NSW Synod initiative to encourage and support young people and young adults. We’d love to have you come along or connect in to not only hear Molk’s story but get to met him too.

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