This week worship at TUC – Sunday 25th Feb, 2024

This week worship at TUC – Sunday 25th Feb, 2024

We have three weekly worship experiences at Turramurra Uniting: our 9am Family Worship is our largest and main worship experience. It is a relaxed, contemporary worship service with a focus on teaching, music and the inclusion of all people (especially families and children).  Our 10:45am worship service is a more traditional service where we sing the great old hymns (with our wonderful organ) and follow a familiar traditional liturgy. EVOLVE is a new initiative led each Sunday evening by our young adults. It is a discipleship community that creates different and engaging worship experiences from Super Sunday music focused worship, to bible discussions to social justice experiences. Evolve starts at 6pm with dinner followed by a worship experience.

Our 9am worship service is livestreamed each week. Our 10:45am worship service is recorded, packaged and posted the following week on YouTube. Livestreaming of EVOLVE depends on the nature of that week’s service. Super Sunday EVOLVE will be livestreamed.

All the information about this week’s services are below:

9 am Family Worship Service –

25th February 2024

Decision Making

Bible Reading: Mark 10:32-52
Preacher: Rev Kevin Kim

On this Second Sunday for Lent, we are given many different choices and can make many decisions. Like the choices we have, all characters in our Bible reading including Jesus have choices to make and their choices have made significant differences in their lives and influenced greatly even our lives as well. When you make a very important decision, are you the person who carefully considers all circumstances, different scenarios and possible consequences or do you make a decision more promptly and courageously without many considerations based on your discernment? Sometimes too cautious and careful approach might ruin your opportunity to make the right decision at the right time. Going to Jerusalem for Jesus was a real choice he had to make and he had it in his power to choose. Would you have chosen to go to Jerusalem? We will explore how our God will empower us to make the right decision when we need it.

Our 9am family worship service is Livestreamed (or can be watch later)

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10:45 am Traditional Worship Service

Our traditional service is held in the chapel each Sunday at 10:45am. For those who are not able to attend in person, we also offer a recorded version of the service for you to watch the following Sunday.

10:45am in the chapel

Decision Making

Bible Reading: Mark 10:32-52
Preacher: Rev Kevin Kim

Recorded Service

Sunday 6pm – 8pm

EVOLVE: Discipleship Community

Special EVOLVE worship experience:

This week at EVOLVE we have a guest speak coming to share with us. Will Small is a poet and podcaster ( who is passionate about helping young people to understand/deconstruct their faith and piece it together in a way of owning their commitment to God. Will will be sharing about ‘evolving faith’ by sharing some of the things that have helped him navigate the change/transition he has had in his faith journey. He will also sprinkle some poems in and leave some space for questions and discussion.

EVOLVE will start with our community meal at 6pm and at 6:45pm we will be moving into the chapel for a this sharing worship experience with Will.

Due to the nature of the evening … this Sunday EVOLVE will not be livestreamed. Come along to hear this great speaker.

Previous worship live stream, as well as text of sermons are available.

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