Sunday 20th September – ONLINE WORSHIP only

Sunday 20th September – ONLINE WORSHIP only

Due to the changing COVID19 situation in Victoria and NSW we have followed the advice of the NSW Uniting Church and have suspended our Hybrid worship model for August and are going back to offering worship in the ONLINE format only (for all three worship service). Our commitment is to continue to provide high quality, engaging and interactive worship in the online format.

If you last week’s Worship services can accessed here: 9am, 10:45am, 6:30pm

If you need instructions on how to connect to each of our three different styles of online worship, we explain everything here.

Worship Sunday 13th Sept

9am Worship – HUNGER

Are you hungry? Do you have a real hunger for more of God? Do you hunger for things to be right and just in this world? Many people across the world are experiencing physical hunger but even more people are experiencing a spiritual hunger … wanting more of God in their life, or a hunger for God’s word to speak to them, or a hunger for a sense of God’s presence, or even a hunger for justice or for things to be made right. Using Jesus words from John 6, Phil will help us explore what do we might do when we are hungry and how do we might find the things that satisfy that hunger?

Phil challenged us last week to consider exploring this topic of hunger by … being hungry. The challenge was to skip breakfast on Sunday morning or if your are really keen, skip both Saturday dinner and Sunday breakfast so that you are experiencing physical hunger as we explore this topic of Hunger. This is only optional … just an idea.

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10:45am Traditional Service

We continue our sermon series looking at profound Biblical principles and promises that we can learn from our childhood toys. This week Phil pulls out his favourite childhood toy – his lego – to talk about the way we are all connected as a church family. Watch the Service here through our YouTube Link.

Our Traditional Sunday service will run in a pre-recorded format. If you are interested in receiving this service for this Sunday via email or DVD, please contact the church office – email:

6:30pm Night Church

Self-Care in the Age of COVID-19

Following on from last week at Night Church we are going to continue to explore the issue of self care during COVID 19. We are aware that many of us – and in particular many young people of our community – are finding life under COVID-19 hard. Last week we heard an amazing interview with Grant Bickerton where he raised awareness of mental health issues and share a lot of great wisdom on how we can recongnise and support those who are struggling. This week Jonty (with the help of others) will lead a discussion putting some of Grant’s wisdom in a theological and practical framework and inspiring all of us to be part of the solution. Last week was great and this is the perfect way to follow it up.

If you wish to catch up on last’s week’s interview it can be found here.

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