Sermons by Rev Kevin Kim

Sermons by Rev Kevin Kim

Decision Making

Sermon Text As you move to a new area, you need to find some good GP, hairdresser, fresh vege and meat butcher and so on. Finding a reliable car mechanic is also what you want. About June last year, one of my old car’s window stop working. S Up until that point, I have not found a good car mechanic and I googled and found one car service in Waitara. He checked my car and said, if I get Honda Read more

Divine Persistence

Sermon Text This week, we are moving to chapter six in Mark. This is one of those Narrative Lectionary selections that seems to have too much going on to deal with in one sermon. I believe the fun of the Narrative Lectionary and one of its purposes is to see how the stories flow into and out from each other, how the structure of the narrative holds the gospel and call from God as well as the words themselves.There are Read more

The Kingdom Causes Growth…???

Summer Series #2 – The Kingdom Causes Growth…??Preacher: Kevin Kim / Bible Reading: Mark 2:1-22 Before we get into chapter 2, I thought it would be helpful to look at the overview of this book of Mark as today is first in-person worship for this Mark’s series.Who wrote the book? The author of Mark was a Christian named John Mark, a relatively obscure person so far as New Testament records indicate. Believed to have been a relative of Barnabas, who Read more

The Beginning of Good News

Summer Series #1 – Beginning of Good News Preacher: Kevin Kim / Bible Reading: Mark 1:1-20 From today we are starting a new series on the gospel of Mark, as the Narrative Lectionary travels through Mark’s gospel until the end of March, which is Easter Sunday. During the time of leading up to Advent and Christmas, we had more than ten weeks with Old Testament Narrative Lectionary series, and Phil and I hope it was a meaningful and helpful series Read more

Struggle – Jacob Wrestles

In Genesis 32, Jacob is on his way to meet his estranged brother. He has recently finished 14 years labouring for his uncle Laban. So there is a lot on Jacob’s mind. That night, Jacob confronts his demon angel and they wrestle through the night. Often we have those dark nights of the soul where we wrestle with personal issues and circumstances. After this struggle in the wrestling match Jacob is given a new name and identity. So this is Read more
How to Find Yourself – Created to Grow Preacher: Rev Kevin KimBible Reading: 2 Peter 1:1-11 From this week, we are starting a new series on a book of 2 Peter for over the next three weeks. In 2 Peter 1:1-11, Peter encourages all Christians to exercise the qualities of Jesus’ goodness (verses 5-8) which have been made available for us in the here and now. Pastor Kevin will explore how ‘confirming our calling and election’ relates with ‘finding our Read more

Beautiful Feet

Beautiful Feet Preacher: Rev Kevin KimBible Reading: Romans 10: 1-21 Romans 10 begins with Paul’s heartfelt confession that he prays for Israel to be saved. Instead, the Israelites continue to try to be declared righteous by God for their religious law-keeping, despite how they continue to break that law. Paul then shows how necessary it is for him to continue preaching this gospel, regardless of the objections of those who oppose him. As we confess our faith in Christ Jesus Read more

Guided by God’s Promises

Sermon text As many of you know, I play tennis with some of our church members on Monday morning. Last Monday, my body was so heavy and was not hitting the ball as I hoped I would. My body was not just responding. Although I can still run faster than all of my lovely Monday tennis friends, I know I will be getting slower. I still want to improve my second serve and backhand, but my body will be ageing Read more

Being the Bad Guys

Sermon Text We are starting a new series of the book of Romans. From today for 8 weeks until 25 June, Phil and I will be going through Romans chapters 1, 5, 6, and Romans 8 on Pentecost day, in June we are going through chapters 8, 10 , 12 and 13 & 14 to wrap up this series. We hope this will be helpful and meaningful series for our congregation in May and June. In his letter to the Read more

Jesus is with us always – BELLS

Preacher: Rev Kevin Kim, Bible Reading: Matthew 28:16-20 While the resurrection is certainly life-changing news, the disciples receive that news secondhand. They have some time – all the time it takes them to travel from Jerusalem to Galilee – to settle into it. And once they arrive in Galilee, Jesus surprises them with another life-changing moment. This is the first time that the eleven disciples have seen the resurrected Jesus, according to Matthew’s Gospel. Jesus gave every one of them Read more