Sermons by Myeongcheol (John) Oh

Sermons by Myeongcheol (John) Oh

I AM … the Way, Truth and Life

Sunday 14th July, 2019Series: I AMPreacher: John (Myeongcheol) OhBible Reading: John 14:1-14 Sermon John 14:1-14  I AM the Way, Truth and Life Introduction  Continuing the I AM series the way, the truth and the life. Today, we will look at the vision given by Jesus Christ.  Who is Jesus? This question is related to the disciple’s’ vision their fate for the future. In other words, it is related to the meaning of faith.  With Jesus’ ascension, he left his disciples, Read more

I AM … the Good Shepherd / Gate

Sunday 7th July, 2019Series: I AMPreacher: John (Myeongcheol) OhBible Reading: John 10:1-21 Sermon John 10:1-21  I AM the Good Shepherd/Gate  Over the last three weeks, we have been looking at the “I am” series. As we know the“I am” statements can be only found in John’s Gospel where the 7 declarations represent who or what Jesus is.  Jesus is 1. bread of life, and 2. Light of the World, 3. Gate, 4. Good Shepherd, 5. The Resurrection & the Life, 6. the Read more

Good Friday 2019

Good Friday 2019 Welcome and Introduction Welcome to our Good Friday service. Last Sunday we gathered here and celebrated Palm Sunday with palm waving, treasure hunts and fun.  Today is different.  Today we gather to focus on the cross and the death of Jesus our saviour.  It is like the sunshine of last Sunday is a fading memory as the dark clouds have swept in.  Today is difficult.  The story is not pleasant and reminds us of the unpleasant aspects Read more

Reaching Out

One aspect of the Easter narratives is the amount of times that Jesus reached out to people – both from a literally sense (eg Zacchaeus) and from a spiritual sense (the whole idea of the cross was to bring people back to God as shown in the lost parables).