Sermons on Advent

Sermons on Advent

Advent 4 – A Heart full of Love

Theme: A Heart full of LoveSeries: Advent – The Greatest StoryBook: AppleSauce and the Christmas MiracleBible Reading: Luke 2:1-16 (Jesus is born and the Shepherds)Preacher: Rev Phil Swain (and quoting a sermon by Rev. Diane Hendricks ) Ever felt like AppleSauce.  Christmas is here but we just aren’t feeling it. It is hard to be jolly when there are fires raging all across NSW.  It is hard to sing along with to Mariah Carey when you know that fire fighters Read more

Advent 3 – Finding Joy

Theme: Finding JoySeries: Advent – The Greatest StoryBook: Suzy Goose and the Christmas StarBible Reading: Matthew 2:1-12 (The Magi and the Star)Preacher: Rev Phil Swain

Advent 2 – Prince of Peace

Theme: Prince of PeaceSeries: Advent – The Greatest StoryBook: The Cat in the Hat Comes BackBible Reading: Isaiah 1:10-20 (and other readings from Isaiah)Preacher: Rev Phil Swain How many of us grew up with Dr Seuss?  Sorry … I should have said … “I grew up with Dr Seuss too, did you?” I have to be slightly honest … I am not completely sure what makes him so popular.  Sure, he has a great sense of rhyme and rhythm but Read more

Advent 1 – A Seed of Hope

Theme: A Seed of HopeSeries: Advent – The Greatest StoryBook: The Faraway SeedBible Reading: Luke 1:26-38 (Mary and the Angel)Preacher: Rev Phil Swain Did you like the story of the Faraway Seed? It had a real theme of disrupting the ordinary … The forest was very comfortable with things the way that it was.  Everything was normal, predictable, ordinary when the bird flew overhead and drop the seed and in the words of the book, “everything was not the same Read more

Carols and Lessons 2018

Sunday 16th December 10:45am Worship Carols and Lessons —————————————– INTROIT & PROCESSION – 265 O Come O Come Emmanuel Choir to sing verses as they process – congregation to join in refrain       CALL TO WORSHIP LIGHTING OF THE ADVENT CANDLE 1st LESSON        Isaiah 9:2-7                 Stewart Bland A word of reflection HYMN 312          Once in Royal David City Choir to sing verse 1 – congregation to joint for verse 2,3,4 and 5 2nd LESSON       Micah 5:2-5a               Margaret Hodgeman A Read more

Advent Conspiracy #2 – Spend Less

Sunday 2nd November 9am Worship Sermon Series: Advent Conspiracy Title: Spend Less Bible Reading: Luke 1:23-56 Preacher: Phil Swain —————————————– Sermon Last week I introduced us to a concept which a number of different churches around the world as also exploring called the “advent conspiracy”.  In short it is a trying to help us have a different perspective on Christmas – to not get sucked into the consumerism model where our love for others is represented by the amount of Read more

Advent Conspiracy #1 – Worship Fully

Sunday 2nd November 9am Worship Sermon Series: Advent Conspiracy Title: Worship Fully Bible Reading: Luke 1:5-22 Preacher: Phil Swain —————————————– Sermon Last I stumbled upon an Ikea TV ad from Spain which had a brilliant message. I would show it to you except that it is in Spanish and the subtitles are small – so I will explain it instead.  They had a group of 10 families – the took aside the kids whom they gave a piece of paper to Read more