Sermons on Easter

Sermons on Easter

On the road to Emmaus

Preached at 9am Worship on Sunday 27th MayBible Readings: Luke 24:13-35Preacher: Rev Phil Swain Today’s reading is the traditional Sunday after Easter Sunday reading – the Walk to Emmaus.  There is a lot in the passage that we can explore … but it’s the Sunday after Easter, it is the end of the school holidays – and to be honest, I haven’t really had the energy or desire to put into researching and writing a full-on 20 minute sermon this Read more

Good Friday 2019

Good Friday 2019 Welcome and Introduction Welcome to our Good Friday service. Last Sunday we gathered here and celebrated Palm Sunday with palm waving, treasure hunts and fun.  Today is different.  Today we gather to focus on the cross and the death of Jesus our saviour.  It is like the sunshine of last Sunday is a fading memory as the dark clouds have swept in.  Today is difficult.  The story is not pleasant and reminds us of the unpleasant aspects Read more

Faith and Doubts

Are you the only one who has doubts? The short answer is “no” – you are not the only one who has doubts. We all at different stages in our lives have niggling questions and doubts and we are not sure what we do with them. This Sunday we are going to explore the experience of “doubting Thomas” and the risen Jesus – and see how Thomas is actually a good example of how to own our doubts and address them in a positive and life-giving way.

Easter Sunday 2018

In a world full of “Fake News”, how do we work out what is true or what is not true – especially when the Bible’s version of the Easter resurrection “seems too good to be true”?