Sermons on Grace

Sermons on Grace

Bible 3 16

Title: 316Preacher: Rev Phil SwainBible Reading: Daniel 3:13-18Preached at Turramurra Uniting Church in Sunday 17th November, 2019 DOWNLOAD HANDOUT HERE We all know John 3:16 … but did you know that there are some other 3:16’s in the bible which can also speak of God’s love & grace?  Today I want to show you something which I found really amazing that when I was exploring my bible a few months ago.  It started with a prayer a number of years Read more


Sunday 8th September, 2019Theme: PhilemonPreacher: Rev Phil SwainBible Reading: Philemon 1-21 Last Week in the Father’s Day classic I shared a story about me mucking up the washing and tied it into the idea of forgiveness.  The reading last week was that amazing promise from 1 John that when we confess our sins God is faithful and just and WILL forgive us and cleanse us from all unrighteousness. Today, our reading is looking at the same issue by from a Read more

Father’s Day – Classic

Sunday 1st September, 2019Theme: Classic Father’s Day StoryPreacher: Rev Phil SwainBible Reading: 1 John 1:5-9 Today I want to talk about a word – Forgiveness.  The idea that sometimes we, sometimes on purpose but more often accidently, do something or say something (or not do something) that hurts another person.  And this hurt can cause a fracture in the relationship that can only be restored through forgiveness. As a father, husband and … well, a bloke … I have had Read more

Romans 8 – Foundations

Sunday 16th June, 2019Series: Romans 8Preacher: Phil SwainBible Reading: Romans 8:1-12 Sermon Over the next three weeks I am going to be exploring in depth one single chapter of the Bible – Romans 8 – but before we jump into that I thought it would be good to have a brief overview of the book of Romans just to put it into context. If I was going to sum up the book of Romans in one word … maybe I Read more