Sermons on Young People

Sermons on Young People

Growing Young #3 – Prioritising Growing Young

Growing Young #3 – Prioritising Growing Young Speaker: Joanna DraytonBible Reading: Luke 10:25-37 and Mark 9:35-37 This is our last Sunday in Growing Young Program & we are thrilled to Joanna Drayton (who is not only a member of TUC but also PULSE Leader) sharing insights into the last two wedges on the Growing Young Program.

Growing Young #2 – Taking Jesus Message Seriously

Growing Young #2 – Taking Jesus’ Message Seriously Speakers: Phil Swain, Bec Swain and Max DayBible Reading: Luke 9:18-27 We are continuing with our Growing Young Program by exploring the next two wedges in our Growing Young Wheel – Empathy Now and Taking Jesus’ Message Seriously. Jesus encourages us to take our faith seriously … to pick up our cross and follow him and his example. This is a message that resonates with young people, so how do we as Read more

Growing Young #1 – Unlocking Keychain Leadership

Growing Young – Unlocking Keychain Leadership.Guest Speaker: Steve Molkentin (MOLK) from PULSE Bible Reading: Luke 2:41-52 This Sunday we launching our “Growing Young” program where we rethink, reimagine and recalibrate our ministry to young people and young adults. We are very blessed that we have as our guest speaker, Steve Molkentin (Molk) from the NSW Young People Unit – PULSE, coming to share with us about the program the importance of unlocking keychain leadership.