Sermons by Rev Phil Swain

Sermons by Rev Phil Swain

Building on a Solid Foundation

Sermon on the Mount #3 – “Building on a Solid”Reading: Matthew 7:1-14,24-29Preacher: Rev Phil Swain In the last of our Sermon on the Mount Series, Jesus continues to build an ethical framework and encourages us to not only hear his words but to also put them into practice. Even though this teaching is 2000 years old, Matthew chapter 7 is relevant for us today with teaching on judging others, not being deceived by fake news and recognising the graciousness and Read more

An Audience of One

Sermon on the Mount #2 – “An Audience of One”Reading: Matthew 6:1-21;25-34Preacher: Rev Phil Swain This is the second in our series looking at Jesus’ ethical teaching “The Sermon on the Mount” from the gospel of Matthew and covers teaching about prayer, fasting, what we treasure and the things we worry about. As well as exploring the great wisdom and guidance in these passages, we will wrestle with the question of in contrast to Matthew chapter 5 (which calls us Read more

You are the Light of the World

Sermon on the Mount #1 – “You are the Light of the World”Reading: Matthew 5:1-21Preacher: Rev Phil Swain As we journey through the Gospel of Matthew we have come to the first significant block of teaching – the Sermon on the Mount and will be challenged to consider what it means to live out this ethical teaching from Jesus. From the profoundness of the beatitudes to the confronting teaching on anger – Jesus is encouraging us to hear these words Read more

Temptation in the Desert – Combined Worship

Reading: Matthew 4:1-26Preacher: Rev Phil Swain. We are continuing to follow the Gospel of Matthew using the Narrative lectionary. Phil will be tying together how this experience of Jesus confronting the adversary in the desert with the bigger picture that Matthew is trying to paint in his first discourse of this gospel – exploring what it means to follow Jesus and to live as a child of the kingdom. Links that are referred to in the service: Sermon Text Now Read more

Born to Be King – Combined Worship

“Born to Be King” – Combined ONLINE ONLY Worship. Reading: Matthew 2:1-12. Preacher: Rev Phil Swain. As we start the new year, we have made the decision not to gather in person but offer an ONLINE ONLY combined worship service – with elements from all three of our worshipping communities. In this service Phil will be introducing the Narrative Lectionary as well as giving an overview of the gospel of Matthew and showing how Matthew reveals right from the beginning Read more

Christmas Day – More than we can imagine

Reading: Luke 2:1-21Preacher: Rev Phil Swain Celebrate the birth of Jesus in a way which is full of life and love. This video includes Max’s amazing, creative talk for the kids and Phil’s short sermon on how the gift of Jesus which is ours at Christmas – is more than we could ever hope for or imagine! Sermon Text Ever had an experience when you were expecting something, you had an idea of what it would be like and it Read more

Advent – Imagine Peace

Reading: Isaiah 9:2-7Preacher: Rev Phil Swain Last Sunday Kevin helped explored Christmas HOPE and the anticipation that a time was coming when weapons of war would be transformed into ploughs. Is this what PEACE is about? In our reading this week is also from Isaiah – Isaiah chapter 9, were find that this promised saviour will also be called the Prince of PEACE … but what sort of peace is this referring to? Using some Christmas symbols that we find Read more

Finding Paradise

Reading: Luke 23:32-43Preacher: Rev Phil Swain Phil’s back from holidays and is keen to share some of the things he has been reflecting on over the past four weeks! Calling on some great teaching from Bible Project Cofounder Tim Mackie, Phil is pondering the question of where (or when) can we find paradise? When Jesus said to the thief on the cross, “Today you will be with me in paradise”, was Jesus referring to heaven, or to something more? Is Read more


Reading: 2 Timothy 1:1-10Preacher: Rev Phil Swain What is the impact of a word of encouragement? The Apostle Paul knew the importance of encouragement and showed that in his mentoring of new church leader Timothy. We will not only explore how we can transform lives and our community through words of encouragement but we will also live this out as we encourage young Zoe in her baptism! Click here to download PowerPoint Slide PDF Sermon Text What a joy it Read more

Gifts of God #4 – Overflowing

Reading: 2 Corinthians 9:12-15Preacher: Rev Phil Swain Phil continues our “Gifts of God” program by going back to basics and focusing on God’s amazing gift to us; and we will tie it all together by sharing together in communion. And yes, there will be buckets and we will use them as a symbol of the wonderful, generous and excessive way that God blesses us. We will also be reflecting on the reality that sometimes it feels that there is a Read more