Sermons on Faith

Sermons on Faith

Finding Paradise

Reading: Luke 23:32-43Preacher: Rev Phil Swain Phil’s back from holidays and is keen to share some of the things he has been reflecting on over the past four weeks! Calling on some great teaching from Bible Project Cofounder Tim Mackie, Phil is pondering the question of where (or when) can we find paradise? When Jesus said to the thief on the cross, “Today you will be with me in paradise”, was Jesus referring to heaven, or to something more? Is Read more

Walls and Worship (9am)

Series: Joshua | OnwardTheme: Walls and WorshipBible Reading: Joshua 6:1-27Preacher: Rev Phil Swain Week #2 of our special re-opening sermon series “Joshua | Onward” we are looking at a key moment in the Joshua journey. Just after the joyous re-entry into the Promised Land, Joshua is confronted with a huge hurdle, the walls of Jericho. What are the hurdles that we are finding as we move into this new era of church life? And how can the trust of Joshua Read more

Strong and Courageous (9am)

Series: Joshua | OnwardTheme: Strong and CourageousBible Reading: Joshua 1:1-18Preacher: Rev Phil Swain After being restricted by COVID and lockdowns on and off for 18months we are starting to reopen and looking forward to 2022. But how do we prepare for whatever God has instore for us? Our Pastor Phil explores the Old Testament character Joshua to encourage us to be strong and courageous as we move onward – towards Christmas and into a new era of our church life Read more

Connecting Faith and Life / Crosswords (Night Church)

As Christians we are constantly challenged when the issues of life and faith intersect. This week we are going to look at some challenging situations where our foundational understanding of the Cross of Jesus sometimes are difficult to explain to people who are not from the church culture. How do we explain issues of grace, forgiveness and reconciliation that we find in the cross with others?

Connecting Faith and Life / Considering Easter (Night Church)

As Christians we are constantly challenged when the issues of life and faith intersect. In our desire to have a more considered faith, we are going to explore the role of questions and an inquisitive nature in connecting faith and life. To do this we are going to explore the example of Jesus and Easter.

My Story with Molk (Night Church)

Theme: Sharing my Story and other apologies (with MOLK) (Sunday 22 November, 2020)Series: November 2020Bible Reading: Matthew 25:31-46Preacher: Steve Molkentin (Molk from Pulse) This Service will be run in Hybrid mode, both in person at the church and LIVE on our Facebook page – We were so pumped to have Steve Molkentin, a.k.a the Molk, coming to share with us his story (and other apologies). Molk is a key member of PULSE, the Uniting Church NSW Synod initiative to Read more
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