Small things matter

Small things matter

Small Things Matter 3 – Malachi

Reading: Malachi 3:1-4, 10-12, 4:1-3 Preacher: Rev Kevin Kim The final book of the Old Testament, Malachi received its name from its author (Malachi 1:1). In Hebrew, the name comes from a word meaning “messenger,” which points to Malachi’s role as a prophet of the Lord, delivering God’s message to God’s people. Malachi came along at a time when the people were struggling to believe that God loved them (Malachi 1:2). The people focused on their unfortunate circumstances and refused Read more

Small Things Matter 2 – Habakkuk (Joy in God during times of crisis)

Reading: Habakkuk 1:1-4, 2:1-4,14, 3:17-18 Preacher: Rev Kevin Kim Habakkuk may have written his book in the 7th century B.C., but he is asking some of the same questions the people in the pews are asking today. How can a good God allow evil? Why does God not seem to answer when I cry out to him? Habakkuk teaches us that we can reflect on the Lord’s past faithfulness to trust him with our futures, even when he doesn’t make Read more

Small Things Matter 1 – Philemon (The Brotherhood of all Believers)

Small Things Matter 1 – Philemon (The Brotherhood of all Believers) Reading: Philemon 1:1-25 Preacher: Rev Kevin Kim Kevin starts a new three-week series, ‘Small Things Matter’. Kevin invites the congregation to explore three small books of the Bible (Philemon, Habakkuk and Malachi) over the next three weeks. They are the books that might not be read from the readers often. Kevin hopes this series helps us to see there are many smaller unknown books that we need to learn Read more