Sermons by Liesl Homes

Sermons by Liesl Homes

Obedience – God’s family finding Freedom

Obedience – God’s Family Finding FreedomPreacher: Liesl HomesBible Reading: Exodus 14: 1-4, 19-31 We are continuing our journey through the Old Testament and this time we are exploring the familiar story of Moses parting the Red Sea. Exodus 14 says that drowning 2000 people is “God’s great work”. Our student minister Liesl isn’t so sure about that. However, this story, which forms the basis of Israel’s national identity, highlights the idea that obedience to God’s commands leads to life, and Read more

Radical Inclusivity of Gods Good News

Preacher: Liesl Homes Bible Reading: Acts 10:1-17, 34-48 We are called to share the gospel with all people. This week in our 9am worship our new student minister Liesl will be sharing with us how the early church, Peter included, started out with a narrow definition of what it meant to be a follower of Jesus, and a very limited understanding of who COULD be a follower of Jesus. It was an exclusive club with very demanding membership criteria. But Read more

Good Friday

Good Friday – The all-embracing Love of God Readings: John 12:20-33, Matthew 27:27-44, Matthew 27:45-54 & John 19:28-30 Preacher – Rev Kevin Kim, Rev Phil Swain & Liesl Homes A creative and reflective worship service which will focus on the cross of Jesus and the forgiveness, grace and life that we can find through his death. The theme of our service will be ‘The All Embracing Love of God’. The time of worship will be structured around five short bible Read more