Sermons by Rev Kevin Kim (Page 3)

Sermons by Rev Kevin Kim (Page 3)

Small Things Matter 2 – Habakkuk (Joy in God during times of crisis)

Reading: Habakkuk 1:1-4, 2:1-4,14, 3:17-18 Preacher: Rev Kevin Kim Habakkuk may have written his book in the 7th century B.C., but he is asking some of the same questions the people in the pews are asking today. How can a good God allow evil? Why does God not seem to answer when I cry out to him? Habakkuk teaches us that we can reflect on the Lord’s past faithfulness to trust him with our futures, even when he doesn’t make Read more

Small Things Matter 1 – Philemon (The Brotherhood of all Believers)

Small Things Matter 1 – Philemon (The Brotherhood of all Believers) Reading: Philemon 1:1-25 Preacher: Rev Kevin Kim Kevin starts a new three-week series, ‘Small Things Matter’. Kevin invites the congregation to explore three small books of the Bible (Philemon, Habakkuk and Malachi) over the next three weeks. They are the books that might not be read from the readers often. Kevin hopes this series helps us to see there are many smaller unknown books that we need to learn Read more

Becoming a Keyperson – Helper’s High

Reading: Matthew 22: 34 – 40Preacher: Rev Kevin Kim “After introducing the concept of ‘Key Person’ on Sunday, 19 June, Kevin wants to continue to explore how and why we could become ‘Key Person’ to more people in our neighbourhood and community. Giving pushes aside the negative emotions, and clearly contributes to stress-induced psychological and physical illness. A concept “helper’s high” was introduced in 1988. A full 50 percent of helpers reported feeling “high” when they helped others, while 43 Read more

Key Person “Everyone liked them”

Everybody liked them – Key Person Readings: Acts 2: 42 – 47Preacher: Rev Kevin Kim The community life and reputation of the first Christian community created after Pentecost is well described in Acts 2:42-27. The translation of Contemporary English Version for verse 47 is that “while praising God. Everyone liked them”. Some other translations for v. 47 say that “praising God and enjoying the favour of all the people”. Well known American psychiatrist, William Glasser suggested that we humans could have Read more

Trinity Sunday

Readings: John 16:12-15 Preacher: Rev Kevin Kim Kevin speaks about ‘The Triune God’, based on two Bible passages Matthew 28:16-20 and John 16:12-15 on this Trinity Sunday. We hear the trinitarian language from liturgy, prayers and some theological textbooks a lot these days. Why is the doctrine of trinity still so important for us today? Kevin explores this doctrine in relation to the issue of community and relationship. First, God is community-building love. It is in community that we can Read more

EHC#5 – Growing into a Community with Emotionally Mature Adults

“Emotionally Healthy Church” – Growing into a Community with Emotionally Mature Adults Reading: Matthew 5:1-12Preacher: Rev Kevin Kim In our last instalment of our “Emotionally Healthy Church” series we are challenged to continue the journey towards becoming a community of emotionally healthy people. Click here to download PowerPoint Slide PDF Questions for reflection or small groups    Sermon Text Today, as the last sermon of ‘Emotionally Healthy Church’ series, we explore how we can grow into ‘emotionally mature adults’. Loving Read more

EHC#3 – Looking Back in order to go forward

“Emotionally Healthy Church”Embracing Grieving and Loss Reading: Job 42:1-9Preacher: Rev Kevin Kim As a society we are not great at talking about death. What does it mean for us to embrace grief as part of life and part of our spirituality. This week in our next instalment of “Emotionally Healthy Church”, we will be using the Old Testament story of Job to explore how God can work within our grief and help us to live and lead, even we are Read more

EHC#1 – Transforming those beneath-the-surface-layers

“Emotionally Healthy Church”Transforming those beneath-the-surface layers Reading: Proverbs 4:23, Mark 7:14-15Preacher: Rev Kevin Kim This Sunday we will start a new series on ‘Emotionally Healthy Church’. Kevin will begin with a focus on a theme of ‘Transforming those beneath-the-surface layers’ for us to become a better ’emotionally healthy church’. Being guided by the book, ‘The Emotionally Healthy Church’ by Peter Scazzero, we will explore terms such as ’emotionally healthy’, ’emotional infant’, ’emotional child’ and ’emotional adult’. It is understood that Read more