Meeting Documents

Meeting Documents

2019 AGM Agenda

Agenda for the TUC Annual General Meeting (held on Sunday 28th July, 2019)

2019 Vision Report

The 2018/19 Vision Report for the 2019 Turramurra Uniting Church AGM The report includes: How are we going with our Vision The Challenge before us One Big, Audacious Goal

TUC AGM – 2019/20 Budget and Financial Report

2018/2019 Financial Overview TUC’s financial position continued to build upon the momentum established in the previous year, resulting in an Operating Surplus of about $26,000; Offerings lifted by 13% over the prior year; Property Income remained an important contributing factor at $118,000; Our Roof Repair Loan now stands at $11,300 (down from $75,000 originally) and will be fully repaid by the end of 2019. TUC will then be debt-free; The September Thanksgiving Offering raised over $20,000 and facilitated the air Read more

2018AGM Agenda

The Agenda for the TUC 2018 Annual General Meeting to be held on Sunday 17th June at 11.15am at the church.
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