Justice for the poor

Subtitle: Love God, Serve People, Change the World Justice for the Poor recaptures the biblical vision that links poverty with justice. Jesus’ life and teaching shows a deep compassion toward the poor and marginalised. His messages often highlight the injustices shown to the poor and the prejudices the well-off have against them. How can we learn from the poor? What is our responsibility to care for the poor and to advocate for justice on their behalf?

Job: wrestling with God

Why do faithful people suffer? Job wanted to know. So he demanded an answer from God. His friends thought he was crazy, but Job persisted. And, finally, God answered. As Paul Stevens leads us through Job’s questions and God’s answers, we discover comfort, hope and meaning for the suffering in our own life.

N.T. Wright Online

The courses contain video lecture material, written material to augment the videos, textbook recommendations, assessment tools (i.e., quizzes), and discussion sections so you can dialogue on-line with fellow students from around the world.

Jeremiah: demanding love

It was a dark time for Israel. Jeremiah was their last chance to turn things around. The ministry that God called Jeremiah to was difficult and painful – to proclaim God’s demanding love. Yet with this burden, God gave the prophet a great gift – the gift of his presence. These 9 studies about Jeremiah’s rich relationship with God are meant to inspire you to cultivate a profound openness to God.

James: faith in action

Put Some Muscle Behind Your Faith. We live in a world characterised by instability, in-fighting, materialism, and words without actions. Sadly, no one is immune to these problems. Centuries ago, the apostle James could not envision the world we would live in, but he did address the issues we would face. Building a bridge between first-century Christianity and our lives today, James: Faith in Action shows how Christianity can work in a postmodern world and calls you to an active Read more