Bible Study

Bible Study

Philippians: Jesus our joy

What would it be like to have a sense of joy that continued even in times of trouble? Such was the deep joy that the apostle Paul experienced–even in prison.

1 & 2 Peter and Jude

­The writers of Peter & Jude understand how difficult it is to grow into maturity. But they show us how God provides direction and comfort when we travel dark roads, and show us what it takes to be mature in Christ.

Living by faith: Habakkuk

Does God really care about this world and what happens in it? Are we allowed to ask God questions like these? Habakkuk did, and got some answers that these studies will reveal.

I Corinthians – the challenges of life together

Life among Christians can be great – but it can also be exasperating! In 1 Corinthians we see Christianity not as it was meant to be but as it often is. Yet we also find practical advice for overcoming the challenges of life together.­