2024 Church Council Elections Candidate Information Sheet

The Turramurra Uniting Church Council is the main decision making body of our church and is comprised of up to 16 members nominated and affirmed by the congregation, each serving a two year term. On Church Council there are six members, Bill Bolton, Max Day, Rob Day, Heather Koroknay, Robin Ruys, and Ean van Vuuren who are half way through their term and therefore not up for re-election this year. Four nominations have been received for election to Church Council; Read more

Gifts of God Brochure

Gifts of God Brochure. 16 pages of information and stories about Turramurra Uniting Church Vision 2022 and our ideas and dreams of how to bring that vision to life!


This is the document referred to at our Vision Sunday services – 7th February,2021
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