Bible Study

Bible Study

Lent 2023 – Study 1

Study #1 – The Cross through the lens of Forgiveness & Fairness – including a video on the purpose of parables; studying the text from Matt 18:21-35 and Matt 20:1-16; applying the text where we wrestle with the some different perspectives; and a response/prayer time

Imagining Hope Bible Study

This 40 page pdf booklet contains the three studies for the Imagining Hope Program that ran at Turramurra Uniting Church in August 2019

Lent Bible Study #6 – Reconsider

Note that there is a lot in each week’s study … far too much for a group to get through in a night.  That is because I am writing them in a way that each group can “pick and choose” what is most helpful to them.  If your group is one which likes comprehensive type questions and exploring the biblical text – then “Exploring the Text” is a good section for you.  If you are a group that likes to Read more
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