Church Council Election 2023

Church Council Election 2023

2023 Turramurra Uniting Church Council Elections

The election is being held online from Monday 22nd through to Sunday 28th May, 2023 (paper voting is available after each Sunday service). 

The Turramurra Uniting Church Council is the main decision making body of our church and is comprised of up to 16 members nominated and affirmed by the congregation, each serving a two year term.  Currently on Church Council there are four members: Nigel Clarke, Wayne Prowse. Matt Smith and Will Giacometti who are half way through their term and therefore not up for re-election this year.

Seven nominations have been received for re-election to Church Council for a further 2 year term; Bill Bolton, Max Day, Rob Day, Judy Giacometti, Heather Koroknay, Robin Ruys and Ean van Vuuren.

As the number of nominations will not take council over the maximum size of 16, we will elect people onto church council through affirmation – where a majority of the congregation (more than 66% of those voting) “affirms” that this person should be on council.  In the election you will be asked to simply vote yes or no whether you believe each person has the gifts and skills to be on Church Council.

You are eligible to vote in this election if you are in high school or older and have a regular connection to Turramurra Uniting Church (such as a attender at worship service or a regular member of a church group).  You can only vote once.  To maintain integrity in this process, you will be asked to give your name and email address.  This will only be seen by the church office administrators and not by seen with your vote.

To help you with your discernment, you can read a short biography of each candidate by clicking here.

Church Council Elections will be held online from Monday 22nd through to Sunday 28th May, 2023 (paper voting after each Sunday service). 

You can vote online by clicking here.

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