CC Elections Explanation

CC Elections Explanation

The Turramurra Uniting Church Council is the main decision making body of our church and is comprised of up to 16 members nominated and affirmed by the congregation, each serving a two year term.

On Church Council there are eight members, Max Day, Rob Day, Adrian Drayton, Judy Giacometti, Clare Heasman, Heather Koroknay, Geoff Leslie, and Ean van Vuuren who are half way through their term and therefore not up for re-election this year. Five nominations have been received for election to Church Council; two existing Church Council members seeking a further 2 year term; Jon Fowler and Wayne Prowse and another three ‘new’ nominations; Matt Smith, Somerset Drayton and Will Giacometti.

As the number of nominations will not take council over the maximum size of 16, we will elect people onto church council through affirmation – where a majority of the congregation (more than 66%) “affirms” that this person should be on council.  What we are asking you to do is to consider the names above and ask yourself 3 questions:

1. Is this person a faithful follower of Jesus who is suitable to be appointed to this key leadership position as a Church Councillor?

2. Does this person bring suitable gifts, experience and/or wisdom which can be used to strengthen Council and assist the church?

3. Do we discern that God is calling this person to serve as a Church Councillor at this time?

At the election you will be asked to “affirm” each person through a simple yes or no response.  The information in this sheet might help you with your discerning.

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