CC Election Nominees

CC Election Nominees

Candidates for Election

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1) Nigel Clarke

My wife, Bennie and I have been part of the community at Turramurra for the last 7 years and nearly 10 years through the Melanesian Lotu that meets monthly at Turramurra. In 2019 I was ordained into the Melanesian Lotu with the support of the Melanesian and Turramurra Uniting communities. I have completed a Bachelor of Ministry degree with the Australian College of Theology. Within the Turramurra Uniting, I have been serving in various ways and as Chairperson of the Management Committee for the last 2 years. I also serve as a volunteer chaplain at Hornsby Ku-ring-gai Hospital and the Rural Fire Brigade at Hornsby Heights. I would like to continue to serve the Turramurra community further as part of the Church Council.

2) Will Giacometti

Hi TUC, I have been a member of the TUC community in the 9am worship and now EVOLVE for all of my life. In the last few years in particular I have really enjoyed serving and getting involved as much as possible in this Christ centred community. Up until now, I’ve been particularly involved with the TUC youth programs; helping at CEW, Square One and being a part of the EVOLVE Support Team. I really feel blessed to be actively serving in a community that is looking to become a ‘lighthouse’ for people looking for support and love. The commitment and enthusiasm of our congregation to serve and share the good news of Jesus is amazing and I am excited to see TUC collectively work to tackle the challenges of faith, life and spirituality that come with this new normal we find ourselves living in.

3) Lavier Laurino de Mesquita Filho

I have been involved with TUC since we arrived in Australia in 2019. During this time, I have regularly attended the morning Family service. I have also been active in a variety of congregational support activities over the years, including Turrazone (which my children love), Kids’ Church Sunday, Kids Camping (KCO), Flea Market, among others. Prior to arriving in Australia, I was part of the church council at the church where I worshiped since my childhood. I’m so grateful for everything the TUC community has done for me, and I’d like to continue giving something back.

4) Wayne Prowse

Wayne and his family have been active members of TUC for 27 years, involved in 9 am and evening congregations and helps out with transport for the 10.45 church. He enjoys taking people out on monthly day trips in the minibus. During the week Wayne works from home in his marketing consultancy business and enjoys the flexibility this provides to be available at various times. Wayne brings strategic and report writing skills to Church Council and enjoys the practical side of helping out behind the scenes.  Wayne has been a member of Church Council and the Pastoral Care Working Group for 8 years. 

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