CC Election Nominees

CC Election Nominees

Candidates for Election

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1) Bill Bolton

Sue and I have been active members of TUC for 36 years. During this time we have attended the morning Family service and I have been in the morning worship bands also. For almost all our time here Sue and I have participated in a home group on Friday night, which has been important grounding point in our spiritual lives.  I have been active in a wide variety of congregational support activities over the years, including terms serving as an Elder and a Church Councilor.  My professional career was in Broadcasting and then IT, Architecture with post-graduate qualifications in Technology and Business Management.  Growing the spiritual life of TUC has been my passion for many years and after prayerful consideration for quite a while now, and recently have felt a very strong nudge from the Holy Spirit to again become involved in the governance of TUC.

2) Mackenzie (Max) Day

Hi everyone, I’ve been attending Turramurra Uniting Church my whole life and this community has had a massive positive impact on my identity. I currently attend a mixture of the 9am service and Night Church (which I help lead), and I am involved in bible study, leading SquareOne and Christmas Eve Workshop. I’m so grateful for everything this community has done for me and I’d like to give something back. I’m keen to bring a young voice to Church Council and work towards our awesome Vision.

3) Rob Day

Rob and Jill have been long term members of Turramurra Uniting Church and have been involved in many groups and activities. Rob has a passion for organisation and details and is currently using these gifts as our Church Treasurer, a member of Church Council, a member of the management team (who focus on financial and property issues) and is also a member of the Church Council executive. Rob’s meticulous nature has been invaluable on Church Council and Rob is willing to continue to contribute on Church Council for another 2 year term.

4) Adrian Drayton

Hi there! Joanna and I have been coming to Turramurra for over 20 years. I would say we consider TUC our “spiritual home” as we have met, married and raised three wonderful children whilst attending TUC. We attend the 9am service and over the years’ we have led and been involved in a variety of home groups. I am the Head of Communications and Marketing for the Uniting Church in Australia, Synod of NSW and ACT – which I have always considered a ministry first and a vocation second. I lead a team of five other exceptional communications specialists to tell the story of the Church in the media and to you all! The most visible part of this would be Insights magazine, yet the job can be very involved from organising events to dealing with the media and helping to manage the messages from Church leadership. I am a passionate communicator of the gospel, and would love the opportunity to be part of Church Council.

5) Judy Giacometti

I have been attending Turramurra Uniting Church since 1990 and have been very blessed to marry my awesome husband Cameron and see our three gorgeous children William, Jacinta & Luke thrive in this wonderful church family. My faith is best explained through this prayer “God of glory & freedom, I don’t quite understand your Spirit, but I believe yours is the way to truth, life and freedom. Open me up to be free to forgive, to be kind and to be generous with your blessings so that others may also know your Spirit of freedom. I don’t get how this works, but I want to seek and explore.” I have been serving at TUC in many areas over the years, but never on Church Council, so feel God is prompting me to step out of my comfort zone and praise him by being ME.

6) Heather Koroknay

Heather has been part of the TUC family for 20 years and is highly involved in everything from catering, to worship planning to Church Council leadership. She is married to Steve, and they are both members of the 9am worshipping family. She is involved in church activities from Home Group to the Flea Market and 7C’s. Heather has been serving on Church Council for the last 8 years and has been using her organisational gifts as Church Council Secretary. She is the glue that has kept the Church Council executive on track and is willing to be nominated to continue her role on Church Council. 

7) Geoff Leslie

Margaret and I have been worshipping at TUC now as part of the 9am service for more than 17 years and we love this community of God.  Over the years I’ve been, and continue to be, a willing and enthusiastic participant in many aspects of church life and particularly enjoyed working with the youth, cooking BBQs at the flea market, manning the computers and occasionally cooking scones for the 10.45ers’ morning tea. It’s been an honour to have served TUC family in those roles and on Church Council for many years and I’m so excited about the direction we are heading that I offer myself up for another term of service. We have a clear vision now and I have this overwhelming sensation that the spirit of God is truly alive in our congregation – encouraging and challenging us towards a period of renewal and regrowth. 

8) Robin Ruys

I am a long time  member of TUC. Wide experience in assisting a range of other churches in music and worship  giving insights into the many  mission challenges faced    by all churches at present . Connection to the local community has been a focus for me and my family. Above all the guidance of the Holy Spirit has  been a constant in my life’s journey.

9) Ean van Vuuren

Ean and his wife Anneke are members of the 9am worshipping congregation and are involved in different activities including homegroup.  Over the past 3 years Ean has shown his skills in organisation and insights in helping explore CareNet opportunities and the framework for the Welcoming/Belonging/Participating sessions—leading to a number of people keen to nominate Ean for Church Council.  In Ean’s words, “I figure I should be able to contribute in some small way,  and if it’s God will for me then so be it, I would be delighted to be nominated.

10) Mark Whipp

Sue and I have been members of TUC since Easter 2019 and have loved seeing what god is doing at TUC. We have found the TUC Community to be loving and Godly. In our previous Church I served in numerous positions including; Warden, Parish Council & Men’s Ministry Coordinator. I currently serve on welcoming and also on Morning Tea at TUC’s 9am Service. To be able to serve Jesus and my brothers and sisters in Christ at TUC would be a blessing and I strongly feel it is His will in my life. This decision follows much prayer and I feel very happy therefore to nominate and hope to serve the TUC Community as part of Church Council soon.

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