CC Election Nominees

CC Election Nominees

Candidates for Election

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1) Jon Fowler

I have been a member of Turramurra Uniting Church for most of my life and am part of the 9am congregation.  I am married to the amazing Lara and have three awesome children Megan, Shelley and Oscar and a less awesome duck.  I serve the Church in many ways including but not limited to Chairperson of the Flea Market Committee.  I have been serving on Church Council and have been able to use my skills in business and education.  I am encouraged by the direction that TUC is taking and believe that God is prompting me to re-nominate for another term.

2) Matt Smith

Ness and I have been attending the 9:00am TUC service for the past couple of years and love the family and community in God that we are now part of.  Family plays an enormous role in my life and I am the proud father of 2 loving young adults Mitch and Elyssa and husband to Ness.   I am passionate about ensuring the growth and future of the Church, particularly its youth.  TUC is special.  It has an incredible energy and love of Christ across all generations and services.  I am excited and honored about the potential opportunity to serve on Church Council and help execute TUC’s vision.  I feel a strong call to serve and believe that my faith journey and professional experience as a management consultant (Risk and Information Security) can be of value.  I offer myself up for consideration.

3) Somerset Drayton

I have been a member of TUC for all my life. I have attended both the 9am and NiteChurch (6:30pm service) and have been part of the children and youth ministry, both as a participant and as a leader.   I am currently focused on completing my HSC.  I am thankful for the support and guidance that people within TUC has given me over the years and look forward to being able to give back in this key leadership role. 

4) Wayne Prowse

Wayne and his family have been active members of TUC for over 20 years, involved in 9 am and 6.30 pm congregations. Pre-COVID he was ferrying 10.45 am members to church in the minibus or taking people out on day trips. During the week Wayne works from home in his marketing consultancy business and enjoys the flexibility this provides to be available at various times. Wayne brings strategic and report writing skills to Church Council and enjoys the practical side of helping out behind the scenes.    

Wayne has been a member of Church Council and the Pastoral Care Sub Committee for 4 years, and would like to nominate for a further term. 

5) Will Giacometti

Hi TUC, I have been a member of the TUC community in the 9am and now 6:30pm services for all of my life. In the last few years in particular I have really enjoyed serving and getting involved as much as possible in this Christ centred community. Up until now, I’ve been particularly involved with the TUC youth programs; helping at CEW, Square One and being a part of the Night Church Support Team. I really feel blessed to be actively serving in a community that is looking to become a ‘lighthouse’ for people looking for support and love.  The commitment and enthusiasm of our congregation to serve and share the good news of Jesus is amazing and I am excited to see TUC collectively work to tackle the challenges of faith, life and spirituality that come with this new normal we find ourselves living in.

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