Online Offering & Donations

Online Offering & Donations

Financially Supporting Turramurra Uniting Church.

The easiest and best way to support the church is by directly depositing into our church bank account – either regularly on a scheduled payment or one off. We believe that people should give out of gratitude or because they want to invest in ministry, not out of pressure or guilt. For this reason, our church has a “blind account” for this purpose, meaning you can deposit into this account and we do not see any of your details, so we do not know how much or how regularly people give.

TUC’s Blind Bank Account for Giving Direct is
BSB: 634634
Acc. No: 100025926

If you wish to give by credit card / PayPal , click on the following link

Or you can give by cheque. Just post a cheque to
Turramurra Uniting Church,
PO BOX 157, Turramurra. 2074.

Setting up direct Electronic Giving to TUC

Thanks for considering to give electronically to our church.  The easiest way to set up regular electronic giving to the church – Giving Direct – is where you set up through your bank regular transfers from your account into the church’s account. 

Click here to download the step-by-step guide.

Setting up E-Giving using Internet Banking

  1. Log on to your internet banking
  2. Choose the option to transfer to another account
  3. Select your account that you want to transfer from
  4. Add Turramurra Uniting Church as an account to transfer to:
           For confidential giving (where we can’t see your name or bank details) use account:
               Account name: Turramurra Uniting Church Giving Direct
               BSB: 634-634     Account number:  100025926

For special one-off giving or giving towards designated project, use account:
                       Account name: Turramurra Uniting Church Projects
                       BSB: 634-634     Account number:  100023031

  1. Put in the amount you will be transferring
  2. Select the date you want this first transfer to occur.   There should be an option to make this a regular/recurring/scheduled transfer (whatever terminology your bank uses).  Select how often you want this transfer to occur (eg weekly, fortnightly, monthly)
  3. Then check the details you have entered and choose ‘transfer’ or whatever the button is to approve the transfer.