5. Wrap up and Prayer

5. Wrap up and Prayer

Wrap Up

The number of books written on salvation and the cross could fill the largest library.  We could go on discussing questions and theories about the cross for another 10 studies and still not exhaust the questions we have.  I remind you of Clive’s wisdom that we shared in the introduction video.  The “how” question is interesting … how does Jesus death bring forgiveness and salvation … but the more important question is the “why”.  Jesus died on the cross because of love, because God loved us so much and couldn’t bear the idea of something separating us from God, and so did what was needed to reconcile us back to God.  This is the good news of Easter.  This is why we call the day that Jesus died, good.

Spend some time prayerfully reflecting on the cross.   Below are two reflective ideas and a prayer.   

Reflective Video

Watch the following video as a reflection – Cross or the Crowd

(This week you might look for the sign of the cross in the normal things around you)


If you have access to one, place a cross/crosses in the middle of the group and ask people to reflect upon the cross.  Have one person read the following reflective prayer…

When we look at the Cross what do we see
Love?  Sacrifice?  Hope for a new beginning? 

When we look at the Cross what do we hear?

Jesus words “It is finished”? The Father declaring that he is our God and we are his children?  The affirmation that we are forgiven and accepted?

When we look at the Cross what do we do?

Say thank you?  Say ‘‘Yes’ to you Jesus?  Go and tell others about Jesus.

When we look at the Cross what do we feel?

[Pause in silence to reflect]

Closing Prayer

God, we thank You for loving us so much that You gave Your one and only Son, Jesus, so that we might find forgiveness, grace and life everlasting.  

Lord Jesus, thank You for offering your life on the cross.  Because of You, we the door to reconciliation has been open to us.   

Holy Spirit, we thank You for filling us with love, and for your guidance and power. 

Father, Son and Holy Spirit – God, we praise Your Name forever and ever.  Amen.