A Considered Easter

A Considered Easter

The Easter story is such profound Good News.  Easter is where God’s love and grace and salvation comes together in a way that makes an eternal difference to all of creation.  It is such good news that the church for centuries have sent aside 40 days (Lent) in the leadup to Easter to reflect upon and spiritually prepare ourselves to receive the good news.

These three studies invites us to take a considered approach to Easter. The studies are designed to stimulate conversations about different aspects of the Easter Story. In each study we will open the Bible together, we will be inquisitive and see where the questions lead us, we will share our stories and listen to each other and in the midst of this all, be open to God revealing more of Good News to us.

Each study there have a choice of five or six sections/questions/areas for you to explore. Each section will have prompting questions, bible passages to read, maybe a video or two to watch, and links to explore with insights for different sources. The goal is not to come up with a definitive answer to the question or topic but rather to have an engaging conversation. I pray that in questions and conversations – the Good News of Easter will come alive anew for you.

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