5. Wrap up and Prayer

5. Wrap up and Prayer

Wrap Up

How did you enjoy the conversations?  For some people, the experience of exploring questions of faith, the Bible and life can be enlivening and helpful whereas others can find it disorientating and less reassuring.  Be encouraged that Jesus in his earthly ministry not only seem to ask lots of questions himself, he was ready to use any question asked of him as an opportunity to help people learn and grow.  (eg Nicodemus, the Samaritan woman, the rich young ruler etc).  Scientist will continue to ask questions of themselves and their scientific theories even after they are convinced that something is true – not to create doubt about the scientific theory but to clarify and make the theory stronger.  One scientist stated, “Asking many questions helps make science better!”  It is the same about theology.  Whatever questions and new insights and challenges we might stir up about the Easter story does not change the core truth that Easter is about God’s love for us as shown through Jesus.  Paul says in Philippians 3:8 that compared to knowing that love and knowing Jesus – everything else is secondary.

Closing Prayer

At one point in the Easter Story – the night before his death – Jesus and the disciples were in the Garden of Gethsemane.  Jesus, knowing he could trust his friends, shared deeply with them how he was struggling and asked them to pray.   

What is one thing that you would like those with you to pray for you about?

Spend some time in prayer, or have someone read the following prayer:

God of Promise and God of Hope,
We thank you for your love as shown through the Easter story.
We especially thank you for Jesus – the expression of perfect love.
We pray for all who are walking in darkness – that you might bring light
We pray for those who are enslaved by fear – that you might bring a word of peace
We pray for all who are in need of comfort – that they may feel your love
Lord of transforming grace and resurrection life, be known through our lives