2. Considering the Good News passed down to us.

2. Considering the Good News passed down to us.

Conversation #1 – Considering the “Good News” passed down to us.

Read 1 Corinthians 15:1-8

Paul spoke about the importance of having the “message”, the good news of Easter passed onto him and how he was now passing it onto the church in Corinth. 

Discussion Starter: Who were the people who passed on the Good News of Easter to you?

Marcus Borg was a NT scholar, who shared the story of how in his twenties he went back to re-read the gospels and discovered that there was a lot more to the gospel stories than he was taught about in Sunday School or youth groups.  

Discussion Starter: What are some of the things that you have discovered about Easter in recent years that you did not know about when you were younger?  

For example … the following are just a small collection of some interesting things about Easter. As a group you may like to choose a few to have a discussion about. You can listen to each other’s thoughts or look up some of the links below or even start googling yourself.

How much do you know about the where Easter came from? If the name “Easter” is connected with the season of Spring, what does this mean for us who live in the southern hemisphere?

Do you know what Jesus was charged with in the Easter Story?  Read Mark 14:55-65 and Luke 23:1-24.  Was Jesus charged with Blasphemy? Treason against the Romans for claiming he was the King? Or stirring up a rebellion?  Or was the charge irrelevant to the story?

Do you know that there were two earthquakes in Matthew’s version of the Easter Story?  (Matthew 27:51 and Matthew 28:2).  Do you think that these earthquakes were literal or symbolic (ie they were world changing moments)

Do you know that that some people were resurrected at the moment of Jesus death?  (Look up Matthew 27:51-52).  What do you think is the message that God wants to communication through these Good Friday resurrections?  Why do you think they waited until resurrection Sunday to come out of their tombs?  What is this even about?

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