Turramurra Uniting is a church driven by the calling that we believe God has placed upon us—a calling to help each other to grow in our faith in Jesus; to care and empower our church family, especially our young people and seniors; and to share the love of God with everyone through our words and actions.  Each year our Church Council spends some time prayerfully considering the way that God’s calling  should be enacted for that year and casts this Vision on Vision Sunday.  We then over the next 12 months bring that Vision to life by work towards the goals that we have set. 

During the second half of 2023, we prayerfully reviewed the church wide vision that we set in 2022. Both the Church Council and the ministry team affirmed the overall vision direction that we believe God is calling us to invest extra energy and focus in five key areas:

  • Faith and Discipleship
  • Growing Young
  • Pastoral Care and Connections
  • Small Groups & Support
  • Being Better Neighbours / Community Connections

(For more information about these 5 areas please read the VISION 2023 page here)


Vision 2024 – God is calling us into an era of growth – Growth numerically, growth in our faith and spirituality and growth in the feeling of connection and community.

I had this picture in my mind of a huge tree with branches reaching wide … but I thought, those branches will break off unless the core of the tree, the trunk of the tree is strong and the roots are deep. So, if God is calling us to be reaching out and growing, then we must also be about strengthening our core … and the place to start in sinking our roots deep in Jesus. If our roots are deep and our core or trunk is strong, then we will be able to sustain reaching out and any growth that comes from that.


In prayerfully considering Vision Sunday, our ministry team wondered whether it might be more fruitful if we – instead of our ministers proposing a list of ideas or projects that would move us forward in 2024 – that we instead suggest a series of questions that we offer all the different groups and ministry areas within TUC to consider. Our hope is that these questions might prompt one or two small things that we could do or things that we might tweak to move our group or area a step forward within the vision.

The “Strengthening our Core” Prompting Questions:

  1. What is one small thing we might do or try to grow?  How might we increase the number connected to our group or ministry area?
  2. What is one small thing we might do or try to spiritually grow?  What rituals, practices or other ideas could we share in our context to be more helpful in connecting people with faith and Jesus?
  3. What is one small thing we might do or try to strengthen or deepen the sense of community in our group or ministry area?  How do we show love, care and support for each other in all parts of our life?

The “Growing Young” prompter question is all about building on the work we started last year with our Growing Young program:

  • What is one small thing we might do or try to attract and encourage people who are younger than us?  How do we encourage intergenerational connections and conversations?   How do we include and encourage children, youth, young adults, and families?

The “Reaching out into our Local Community” prompter question:

  • What is one small thing we might do or try to build or strengthen bridges or links beyond our group or ministry area into the local community?  How can we help raise awareness in our local community of what we offer?

Vision 2024 Presentation