Position Descriptions for key Volunteer Roles at TUC

Position Descriptions for key Volunteer Roles at TUC

As part of our responsibilities to ensure that people serving in key volunteer roles understand their positions, we are required to list the position descriptions on our website. The key positions are as follows:

Church Council Member

  1. Build the Congregation up in faith and love Share in the pastoral care and spiritual oversight of the Congregation
  2. Nurturing the Congregation in their growth in grace
  3. Making decisions in keeping with regulations
  4. Collaborating and sharing with the Minister in conduct of worship and in the sacraments
  5. Determining the time and place of services of public worship
  6. Carry out its functions concerning applicants for specified ministry
  7. Managing financial affairs and general administration
  8. Arranging for audit, presentation and examination of the accounts
  9. Managing and controlling property
  10. Preparing and presenting annual reports to the Congregation
  11. Exercise oversight of the appointment of officers and leaders of Congregation organisations
  12. Refer matters to Presbytery as required
  13. Exercise discipline on behalf of the Congregation as appropriate
  14. Delegate matters to sub-committees of Council as appropriate

Church Council Chairperson

  1. The Church Council shall elect annually one of its members as chairperson.
  2. If the elected Chairperson is not present at a meeting, the Church Council may appoint another of its members to act as Chairperson of that meeting.

Church Council Secretary

  • The Church Council shall appoint annually from among its members a secretary who shall:
    1. Convene meetings of Church Council and prepare an agenda
    2. keep minutes of meetings of the Church Council,
    3. attend to all correspondence on behalf of Church Council
    4. take care of all records and papers of the Congregation, except such as are within the specific responsibility of any other body or officer, and
    5. carry out other duties as the Church Council may require.

Church Council Treasurer

  • The Church Council shall appoint annually from among its members a treasurer who shall:
    1. receive all moneys on behalf of the Church Council;
    2. pay all moneys into a bank account of an approved financial institution,
    3. keep proper books of account;
    4. furnish financial statements to the Church Council and Congregation at the end of each year and at such other times as the Church Council or Congregation may require.

Management Committee Member

  1. In general terms to manage the business
    affairs of the Church on behalf of Council
  2. To ensure that the Church buildings and activities of the various committees and groups comply with the NSW Work health and Safety legislation
  3. To ensure that the Church buildings comply with the current Fire Safety regulations
  4. To establish and manage tenancy agreements relating to Church properties
  5. To establish and manage contracts for services, such as cleaning services, for the Church
  6. To review the all insurance covers associated with the facilities and its users – including but not limited to  public liability insurance and volunteer insurance cover.
  7. To establish, manage and review contracts for the appointment of staff and ministry team members engaging with NSW Synod personnel as appropriate
  8. To establish and review hiring rates for the use of Church facilities by external parties
  9. To establish and review a user agreement for the use of Church facilities by external parties
  10. To assist the Treasurer with the preparation of the annual Budget for the Church
  11. To report to Council via the minutes of all meetings highlighting matters requiring action by Council
  12. To draft policies of a management nature, such as Volunteering, for Councils adoption as necessary
  13. To undertake any other matters referred to the Committee by Council from time to time.

Work Health and Safety Monitor

Church Council, while having primary responsibility and authority to manage the WHS Policy and its operation, will appoint a WHS Monitor who has oversight of the Policy and its operation.

General Description

  • Act as a central point of contact for collation of information on WHS matters
  • Liaise with appropriate committees and groups of the Council to progress WHS matters,
  • Monitor and maintain the Council’s risk register and other registers relating to the WHS Policy and 10 Key Principles
  • Report to Council on WHS matters

Role General Exclusions

  1. Assess suitability of risk statements, safe working method statements, risk mitigation activities
  2. Authorise work activities

Role Duties

  1. Receive information from workers and visitors regarding various potential risks and generate appropriate entries in the Council’s Risk Register
  2. Devise an appropriate incident report form to collect incident and risk assessment details
  3. Monitor entries and maintain status details of entries in the Council’s Risk Register
  4. Provide regular updates of the Council’s Risk Register entries to Council or its nominated subcommittee
  5. Maintain a list of persons nominated to perform particular training courses, tabulate User ID, Course ID, date of commencement, date of completion, course results and refresh dates.
  6. Maintain a register of Safe Work Practice documents, contractors’ Safe Work Method Statements, and other documents relating to specific tasks or duties, and store such documents in a central storage location.
  7. Work with Council and/or its subcommittees to develop procedures and systems for policy and operational reviews to effectively oversight the achievement of the WHS Policy
  8. Provide regular overview reports to Council on the operation of the WHS Policy
Volunteer Coordinator

Church Council (the Council) has overall responsibility for the management of the Church’s Volunteer Policy (the Policy), the management of the Policy to be exercised by the Management Committee of Council (the Committee).

The Council will appoint a Volunteers Coordinator (the Coordinator) who will be responsible for the oversight of the Policy and its implementation..

The Coordinator will report to the Committee and will recommend to the Committee for its approval those volunteers who satisfy the requirements for appointment as Authorised Volunteers, and provide the Lists of Duties for which they will be responsible.

The Coordinator will:

  • Act as the central point of contact for information on volunteers involved in the Church’s approved activities.
  • Liaise with committees, groups, and individual volunteers to ensure they are well-informed on the contents and requirements of the Volunteer Policy and its implementation.
  • Identify all volunteers whose roles require the Council’s appointment as Authorised Volunteers, and ensure that they :
    1. are advised of, and meet, the requirements of the role, and have completed all required documentation,
    2. are informed of their rights and responsibilities in the role,
    3. are advised of the Council’s rights and responsibilities in appointing Authorised Volunteers,
    4. are well trained for the role, although their actual training is the responsibility of appropriate Authorised Volunteers or other designated personnel, and not the responsibility of the Coordinator.
  • Arrange with an appropriate Authorised Volunteer and a prospective Authorised Volunteer the creation of a List of Duties for the prospect’s proposed role, which is to be signed off by the prospect and the Coordinator.
  • Maintain, monitor and review the Register of Authorised Volunteers, provided by the Committee, and ensure that information in the Register is accurate and up-to-date.
  • Store all Authorised Volunteer applications and supporting documents in an appropriate secure location within the Church complex. The Coordinator will review them from time to time and where necessary arrange for any documents that are out of date to be replaced or updated.
  • Ensure that all personal information provided by Authorised Volunteers remains confidential, in accordance with the Church’s Privacy Policy.
  • Report annually to Council, through the Committee, on the implementation and acceptance of the Policy within the Church, including any issues related to the Policy and recommending any opportunities for improvement.