Imagining Hope Bible Study Signup

Imagining Hope Bible Study Signup

The central part of the Imaging Hope program is a three week bible study which helps you to explore the things you value in life and hold them against God’s purposes. Our hope is that everyone connected to the church will be able to participate in a small group for 3 weeks in August. 

All existing groups in the life of the Church are participating and have agreed to meet weekly during Imagining Hope … so if you already belong to a group, we encourage you to attend for this special three week series.

If you do not belong to a bible study or home group, we encourage you to join one of the existing groups for Imagining Hope (it is only a three week commitment).

Please fill out the E-Form below to indicate which group you are planning to attend during imagining hope (or if no groups are suitable, please give us your preferred day and time during the week and we might be able to help you out).

    Monday Night Bible Study (Leader: Geoff Leslie Location: Church)Tuesday Night Young Adults/Emerge (Leader: Marty Cornford Location: West Pymble)Wednesday Night Bible Study (Leader: Ann & Dave Cornford Location: West Pymble)Wednesday Evening Home Group (Leader: Kobie & Chris Bosch Location: St Ives Chase)Wednesday Night Young Adults/Emerge (Leader: Jonty Cornford Location: West Pymble)Thursday Daytime SBY Group (Leader: Val & Ron Quarmby Location: Church)Thursday Evening Ponders Home Group (Leader: Carolyn Cross Location: Church)Friday Night Home Group (Leader: Barb Mclean Location: Westleigh/St Ives Chase/Wahroonga)Friday Evening Home Group (Leader: Lynne Gardiner & Marg Williams Location: Turramurra/Wahroonga)Sunday Afternoon Young People (Leader: Will Giacometti Location: Church)

    The Imagining Hope Bible Study material will be available online (here) on the 1st August.