Easter 2021 Information

Easter 2021 Information

We have a number of ways in which you can join us in worship at the church (or online) to remember and celebrate the Good News of Easter.  All the services will be held at the church or can be found online here 

Maundy Thursday. 7:00pm 1st April

A simple service where we will gather at the church in a darkened, reflective space to share together in Communion and the Tenebrae – the service of the candles.  The service is suitable for all ages, but it is a quieter and more reflective service which ends in the dark.  It is meaningful service that we would love you to be a part of.  This service will NOT be livestreamed due to the fact that the cameras do not work very well in the dark.

Good Friday. 10am. 2nd April

Finding Hope in Jesus and the grace that comes through the cross. This will be a more solemn service where we will focus on the cross of Jesus and the way that Jesus’ death can help us with the burdens we are carrying. A powerful, relevant service which will be followed by a Hot Cross Bun morning tea.  This service will also be livestreamed on our Facebook page.

Watch the service here on YouTube – https://youtu.be/nquJ6pRN0Y8 

Easter Sunday Worship. 4th April.

Easter Sunday is the most joyous day of the year where we will celebrate the Life that comes in Jesus’ resurrection. The worship team have loads of ideas to help us capture the life and energy of Easter Sunday.

We have three opportunities for you to connect and celebrate Easter Sunday with us – our main Easter worship is at 9am, our traditional worship at 11am and our more conversational Night Church service at 6:30pm. 

9am Easter Celebration & Easter Egg Hunt

The 9am Easter Morning Worship will be held in person at the church as well as livestreamed with lively singing, an awesome kids talk and teaching while the kids make their Easter Hunt Bags.  At 10am we will be having our massive church and community “Jesus is Alive” Easter Egg Hunt on the front lawns. Everyone is invited to watch or participate in this amazing hunt for eggs.

11am Traditional Easter Worship

This short 45 minute worship service will include all the great old Easter Hymns and Communion and will be held at the church at 11am.  It will also be available in a pre-recorded format here on our church website.

6:30pm Night Church

We finish our Easter experience with a more relaxed time of worship, discussion and Easter Eggs. We will be participating in “The Great Easter Debate”