BUGZ is a group for children in preschool and stage 1 (Kindy, Year 1 and Year 2 at school). Each term at BUGZ we have a different theme to help us learn more about Jesus.  

This Friday is the last BUGZ for the year … a special Christmas Party and Painting Fun!

BUGZ (Kids Group ages 3-8)
This Friday Afternoon 3:30-5pm
Cost $5 per week

We will play games, craft and hear an animal story from the Bible.
Bring your own Afternoon Tea and Drink Bottle

DateBUGZ Theme
Friday Nov 4Birds in the Bible
Friday Nov 20Christmas Animals
Friday Dec 4Christmas Party

Our friends over at Terrigal Uniting Church have been putting together an awesome kids program, and we think that you’ll just love it too! Check out episode 1 here: