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2018 Thanksgiving Offering – Turramurra Uniting Church
2018 Thanksgiving Offering

2018 Thanksgiving Offering

Turramurra Uniting Church 2018 Thanksgiving Offering is a way of giving where you can make a huge difference in the life of our congregation.  We have many more ideas, projects, new initiatives and opportunities than can be resourced through our Church budget so Church Council, in consultation with different groups such as the property team, management team, key leaders and ministry staff, have come up with a short list of 5 great projects that didn’t make the 2018/2019 Church Budget.  All these projects have a strong missional focus - and have a clear mission outcome that will benefit our church’s vision or the wider church but these projects will only go ahead this year if they are supported within the Thanksgiving Offering.    The idea of a Thanksgiving Offering is to see if we can fund these projects through a special one-off Thanksgiving Offering.  This giving is above and beyond our regular giving to the church - we do not want members to alter their regular giving to give to Thanksgiving Offering.   We encourage you to read through the projects below and prayerfully consider whether you may be able to support one or more of them financially.

For more information on any of these projects - email our minister Phil at phil.swain@turramurrauniting.org.au

#1. Air-Conditioning of the complex

Proposed by the Property Team & Management Committee

Target:  AC the chapel - $7,500   / AC the lounge - $7,500
AC the worship sanctuary -

Mission Objective: This is our most expensive project in Thanksgiving Offering yet it is the one which we believe will make a huge difference for many church activities and programs.   As a church we have a desire to care for those in our community for whom hot weather is unhelpful.  We had some of our seniors fainting in church last summer.  Community expectations are now that visitors expect the worship space to be comfortable in winter and summer.  The reality is that the impact and message of something like Christmas Eve is lessened because of the heat in the room.  Air-conditioning the complex will lead to a greater impact and engagement of all our activities during summer.   If the projects are funded - they will be installed before summer hits!


Project #1

#1. Air-Conditioning

$0 of $75,000 raised
Personal Info

Donation Total: $500.00

#2. Leadership Development & Mentoring

Proposed by Rev Phil Swain

Target:   Leadership Consultant - $2,000

Mission Objective: Our church has been blessed with many awesome leaders – both young leaders and leaders of all ages.  Some people have been fortunate through their work to have had their leadership skills developed through training – but not all leaders in the church have had that opportunity.  The idea of this project is to identify up to 8 leaders and engage a leadership consultant to meet monthly with these leaders for 3 or 4 months – both as individuals and as a group – to help them identify their leadership styles, develop their skills and explore how they might best use their leadership skills in the life of the church.  This is a win-win for both our leaders and our church.

Project #2

#2. Leadership Development

$450 of $2,000 raised
Personal Info

Donation Total: $250.00

Project #3. Resources for our Children, Youth & Family Ministries.

Proposed by Jonty and the CYF leaders

Target:   Children/Youth Resources - $2,000    Playgroup Resources - $3,000
               Kids Church/Jnr Discipleship - $1,500

Mission Objective: Whilst our children, youth and family ministries are running well and self funding (through their weekly fees), there are some resources that they would love but are too pricey to buy within their normal budgets—Such as installing cupboards to store resources, giant Jenga etc.  The new playgroup are also pondering some large purchases and the Kids Church would love to install a permanent TV & DVD in their room.  Although these resources are not critical – they would make a huge difference in the quality of delivery in our CYF groups.  You can either donate towards this project in general - or go to our website and donate towards a specific item on our “CYF resources wish list”.  This is a great way of not only resourcing an important mission area of our church but to encourage our leaders.

Project #3

#3. CYF Resources

$210 of $6,500 raised
Personal Info

Donation Total: $250.00

Project #4. Debt Reduction on our church loans.

Proposed by Church Council Executive

Target:   To half our $45,000 loan by Dec 2019.

Mission Objective: Debt reduction might not seem to have a strong missional focus, but it does.  The reality is that for every $1000 we pay off our debt, we save $100 each and every year off our interest payments – as well as freeing up resources for future generations to invest in mission.  Any donation towards this project will be immediately paid off our church loan.

Project #4

#4. Debt Reducation

Personal Info

Donation Total: $250.00

Project #5. Parramatta Mission “Raising Hope” Project.

Proposed by Rev Phil and the Church Council Executive

Mission Objective: As a way of reflecting our Church’s values & desire to share our blessings with those in need; we have included a project which is external to TUC.  The UCA Parramatta Mission’s “Raising Hope” project raises hope for homeless women. It has the vision of establishing supported crisis accommodation for women in need due to domestic violence, and women who are homeless or at risk of homelessness in the local Parramatta area.


Project #5

#5. Raising Hope

Personal Info

Donation Total: $250.00