Sermons from April 2018

Sermons from April 2018

Colourful Teaching #2 – Noah

We look at the most well known Sunday School story of them all – Noah and the Ark. Surely there is nothing about this story that we have not already heard … or is there?

Breakaway Camp Report

The Square One youth group sent off the outgoing Huw Luscombe in fine style with a fantastic trip away to the gorgeous Killcare beach on the annual Breakaway Camp, between the 14th and 17th of April. With the weather being uncharacteristically kind to us we were able to take full advantage of the amazing surroundings with plenty of beach activities, an awesome wide game, and even holding a dusk Night Church service on the beach on Sunday night. It was Read more

Colourful Teaching #1 – Gideon

This sermon is is about exploring some well known Bible stories that are actually much more complex that we first think. This sermon looks at the classic Sunday School story of Gideon – the man who trusted God to save them from the enemies. Gideon is listed in Hebrews chapter 11 as one of the Old Testament Heroes of the Faith but there is another side to Gideon as well – one we hardly ever talk about.

Faith and Doubts

Are you the only one who has doubts? The short answer is “no” – you are not the only one who has doubts. We all at different stages in our lives have niggling questions and doubts and we are not sure what we do with them. This Sunday we are going to explore the experience of “doubting Thomas” and the risen Jesus – and see how Thomas is actually a good example of how to own our doubts and address them in a positive and life-giving way.

Easter Sunday 2018

In a world full of “Fake News”, how do we work out what is true or what is not true – especially when the Bible’s version of the Easter resurrection “seems too good to be true”?