Sermons by Rev Phil Swain (Page 28)

Sermons by Rev Phil Swain (Page 28)

Advent Conspiracy #1 – Worship Fully

Sunday 2nd November 9am Worship Sermon Series: Advent Conspiracy Title: Worship Fully Bible Reading: Luke 1:5-22 Preacher: Phil Swain —————————————– Sermon Last I stumbled upon an Ikea TV ad from Spain which had a brilliant message. I would show it to you except that it is in Spanish and the subtitles are small – so I will explain it instead.  They had a group of 10 families – the took aside the kids whom they gave a piece of paper to Read more

“The Journey #5” Seeing Clearly

Sunday 4th November 9am Worship Sermon Series: The Journey Title: Seeing Clearly Bible Reading: Mark 10:46-52 Preacher: Phil Swain —————————————– Sermon Have you ever had the experience where you couldn’t see too well?  I am not just talking about getting older and needing glasses, there are many situations where you might not be able to see clearly.  For example: (put up your hand if you have experienced any of these) A black out where everything goes dark? A really thick Read more

“The Journey” Coming down from the Mountain

The reading starts with the transfiguration of Jesus where the voice of God confirms to Peter, James and John that Jesus is indeed God’s son and the Messiah.  Peter wants to stay up on the mountain but instead Jesus leads them back to reality.  In a literal “coming off the mountain top” experience – the disciples are then confronted with the real world …  a father with a sick child who is desperate for help. The sermon explores the tension that we find in our own lives to hold together those moments (such as worship) where we feel so close to God and other moments when the real world seems to dominate and we struggle to connect our faith to it.

Thanksgiving Sunday

Sunday 16th September 9am Worship Sermon Series: Extravagant Generosity Title: Thanksgiving Sunday Bible Reading: 2 Corinthians 9:6-12 Preacher: Rev Phil Swain Sermon As I have already mentioned before… I grew up in a church where we would have a yearly Harvest Festival Church Service … a time when everyone would bring in lots of produce and other crafty stuff and give thanks for God’s wonderful provision.  Did you have that experience?  I remember listening to lots of Harvest Festival sermons which Read more

Extravagant Generosity

Sunday 9th September 9am Worship Sermon Series: Extravagant Generosity Title: Extravagant Generosity Bible Reading: Malachi 3:8-18 and Micah 6:6-8 Preacher: Rev Phil Swain Sermon You know these types of phone calls.  Early evening, often around dinner.  This particular phone call happened a few years ago but it went something like this: Me:      Hello, Phil speaking. 2:         Hello sir.  I’m calling on behalf of the ABC research centre.  They do amazing work helping sick kids who have x,y and z diseases.  Read more