Online Children and Youth Groups

Online Children and Youth Groups

TUC’s Children and Youth groups are back! (but they are doing things differently)

Turraturtles Playgroup
Turraturtles have set up a private Facebook page as a place for all our playgroup families to connect online, stay in touch with play group activities and news.
Members of the Turraturtles leadership are adding helpful things to the group. For example, last week Edwina read out a story to the kids on a livestream. The families are also sharing photos and stories of things they are doing during this time of social distancing.
Due to privacy and kids safety reasons, this online group is only open to families of playgroup. If you are one of those people and would like to be involved, email Edwina

BUGZ (ages 3-8)
Hi BUGZ Families,
We hope you are all well during this uncertain time. Turramurra Uniting Church has decided that we will no longer be running any more gatherings at the church until further notice due to the current Coronavirus pandemic. As a result, we will not be meeting for BUGZ for a while. Instead of stopping BUGZ completely we have decided to run it differently for the next two weeks of term. 
We plan to do all the things we do at BUGZ but from home. To achieve this we have put together an activity book correlating with the story. We have made sure all of the activities and crafts are printable in hopes to make this easier for you. 

Even though we are not at church we still wish to share God’s word. To share the bible story we have decided to use Zoom, which is an application that allows us to video chat with multiple people at once. For this to work you will need access to a device such as a computer or a phone that has a camera. On Friday afternoon we will email you all a link which will allow you to connect with us. Our aim is to be on a group call with all those who can from 4-4:30 pm on Friday and have afternoon tea together. Even though we are all separated we would still like to keep in contact with your kids and see how they are going. During this time we will also share a bible story and sing some songs like we usually would at BUGZ. (If you would like to be emailed the link, please call Phil on 0417123891 and he will add you to the list)

After this time the kids are able to do some activities in their activity books (which you can download here). These books are not strictly reserved for this time during the week. The kids are welcome to do use them whenever they would like. We would like to thank you in advance for your support and understanding over this time. As this is very new to us we ask for your feedback so after these two weeks, we can reevaluate and make improvements for next term. If you have any ideas or questions please feel free to contact us. 

Blessings,Amelia, Jacinta, Ruby, Phil, Nat, Asha and Jana 🙂 

Turrazone (School Years 3-6)
Turrazone is still working out their arrangements and will be emailing the families directly. I will update this information as soon as I receive it.

Square One (High Schoolers Yr 7-12)
This week Square One will be on a live stream, 7pm on Friday as per the usual time. This will be on a new YouTube account for Square One that we will be able to link everywhere so it is easy to find. You don’t have to have an account to see it, you just follow the link onto Youtube. Once this YouTube channel is set up we can start sending out the link.
We will also have a list of online community values that will be made public and reaffirmed each time we do anything online.
This live stream idea is not only one that is open to change week by week, but also only one of a number of things that we are planning on running over the week – instead of 2.5 hours n a Friday night, Square One becomes spread over the week in smaller chunks.
Check in on your squareone social channels for all the details: