Imagining Hope

Imagining Hope

Imagining Hope Program

11th – 25th August, 2019

Imagining Hope is a three week program that we are running at TUC in August. Imagining Hope is about celebrating the things that God is doing through this church, be inspired by some of the “imaginings” or dreams that we have for the future of this church, and considering how you can participate in God’s mission with your time, talents and money. Imagining Hope has four key elements:

Worship Services exploring God's generous nature and how that is reflected in our lives.

For the three weeks of “Imagining Hope” we will be focusing our Sunday worship around three words – Celebration, Inspiration and Participation. Celebrating who God is and what God has been doing in our church; inspired by God’s Word and the goals we have set for God’s mission; and opportunities to participate in God’s mission.

A brochure telling the story of how God’s mission is being enabled here at Turramurra Uniting Church

On Sunday 11th August we will be launching our Imagining Hope brochure reminding us of our Vision and some huge goals that we hope will make a difference in our church’s ministry and mission. The brochure is 16 pages of stories, pictures, goals and dreams and information about how you can participate and resources God’s mission.

Three Week Bible study helping us to reflect on our values for Living, Giving and Mission

The central part of the Imaging Hope program is a three week bible study which helps you to explore the things you value in life and hold them against God’s purposes. Our hope is that everyone connected to the church will be able to participate in a small group for 3 weeks in August. 

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An opportunity to consider how you might support God’s mission through your time, talents & money. 

The second half of the Imagining Hope program will be giving some clear information about the “cost” of mission … what resources (time, talents and money) are needed to make these dreams a reality … and we will be inviting you to be part of that … to consider you can help resource God’s mission at TUC.
We have a dedicated team of people working towards making this three week event and amazing time of learning, exploring and responding. We believe that Imagining Hope has the potential to make a huge difference for the ministry and mission at TUC for year to come. Please consider being part of Imagining Hope.