#1. Air-Conditioning

$0 of $75,000 raised

Proposed by the Property Team & Management Committee

Target:   AC the chapel – $7,500  
AC the lounge –
AC the worship sanctuary –

Mission Objective: This is our most expensive project in Thanksgiving Offering yet it is the one which we believe will make a huge difference for many church activities and programs.   As a church we have a desire to care for those in our community for whom hot weather is unhelpful.  We had some of our seniors fainting in church last summer.  Community expectations are now that visitors expect the worship space to be comfortable in winter and summer.  The reality is that the impact and message of something like Christmas Eve is lessened because of the heat in the room.  Air-conditioning the complex will lead to a greater impact and engagement of all our activities during summer.   If the projects are funded – they will be installed before summer hits!



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Donation Total: $500.00