Trivia Night!

Trivia Night!

The Young Adults are super excited to be hosting a trivia night, and everyone is invited! It’s gonna be lots of fun!

Our Trivia Night was a huge success!

We had around 80 people join us for Trivia, which was a fantastic result! We had a marvellous time bonding as a community, tackling some tricky trivia questions and enjoying delicious snacks.

Congratulations to our top 3 teams!
1st: Quizpicable Me 2
2nd: 7 Musk-Stick-Eers
3rd: 🙂

Updated total – $3,106

We are happy to announce that, at our current count, we have raised over $3,000 for new worship music gear, which is past our goal! A massive thank you to everyone who has donated so generously. For more details on what items we will be buying, check out the photo below!

Everyone getting ready to start!
The final of the Ultimate Scissors Paper Rock Tournament
Final Scoreboard


WHEN – Saturday, 2nd of July, 2022

WHAT TIME – 7:30pm start, will finish around 9:30pm

WHERE – In the Worship Centre

WHO – Whoever wants to come! It is open to all, not just people who come to TUC. If you’d like to invite friends, feel free!

WHY – We are aiming to raise money for some new music gear, that will streamline and improve worship across all services. We are also excited for a chance to hang out as a whole community!

HOW MUCH IS ENTRY? – totally FREE! (There will be opportunities to donate at the door and to buy dessert later in the evening if you would like to).

We are encouraging everyone to have dinner before arriving – tea and coffee will be provided.

What music gear are we raising money for?

Unfortunately, some of our music gear that we use every week is damaged, broken, or needs to be returned to its rightful owner in the near future. We are hoping to raise money for some new items, which will benefit every service by streamlining and enhancing the worship experience. Check out the photo below for some specific details about what items we’re looking for!

How to Sign up:

We are encouraging people to sign up in small groups of 4-6 (although if you are signing up solo or have a smaller group that is totally ok!). The reason we are taking this approach is so that we can pair up a few smaller groups to create the teams for the evening. This way, each team will have some familiar faces on it but also (hopefully) some people you may not know as well, and will be a great chance to meet/get to know more people in our community (and who knows, this may give your team that competitive edge!). The final teams will be revealed on the night.

Below, please find a link to a Google Form which you can use to sign up as an individual or as a small group. Only ONE PERSON in your small group will need to register through this form.