Prayer resources for Lent

Prayer resources for Lent

In this season of Lent, we are invited to simplify our lives to make room to spend in prayer.  We are encouraged to be praying for the world, to be praying for our friends and to be praying for the communities we live in.  We are also encouraged to have times of more silent prayer, allowing time and space to just be in God’s presence, to listen for the still, small voice of the Spirit as it prompts, or guides, or reveals things to us.

Prayer resources

If you are not sure how to pray, here are some great resources of prayers that you can use:

Prayer Walks

Another great way to pray is to do a prayer walk. A prayer walk is simply walking around your local streets praying for the people and situations. Pray for people’s homes, schools, the people who are playing in the park, for businesses and for community groups. If you are not able to walk very far, you can pray over a map. Or next time you are at the church, you can slowly walk around the complex praying for each room and the people who use it.

More prayer walk resources can be found: