2021 Annual General Meeting Papers

2021 Annual General Meeting Papers

Our churches Annual General Meeting is to be held on Sunday 15th August at 10am. Unfortunately due to the COVID lock-down, our AGM will be held online. Details of how to access the online meeting as well as download the documents are all found on this page.

Meeting Agenda

The agenda includes:

  • Nominations and voting on our Congregational Chairperson and Secretary
  • The tabling of the TUC Annual Report
  • The Presentation of the 2019-2020 Financial Report and 2020-21 budget (including a motion to accept the budget)

Our JNC (Joint Nominating Committee) have also asked for some time to update the congregation on their work to discern an appropriate second minister for TUC and will present a name for our consideration and voting.

The two main reports can all be download as pdf’s below

TUC 2021 Annual Report

The 2020-2021 Annual Report can be downloaded here.

The Annual report contains updates and good news stories from all the different groups, services and activities connected to TUC.

TUC 2021 Financial Report and 2021-22 Budget

The 2020-21 Financial report and 2021-22 budget can be downloaded here. 

(The Guide for Electronic Giving to the Church can be downloaded here)

Minutes of the Previous AGM – download here

Instructions of how to access the ONLINE Annual General Meeting.

How do you access this online meeting?

The meeting will be a ZOOM webinar. If you have used zoom before, it is basically the same except that you will not initially be seen or be heard by anyone – only those presenting at the meeting will be on the screen. (You will be observing but can interact if you wish).  

If you have never used ZOOM before, it might be wise to download the zoom software beforehand at https://zoom.us/download  

The AGM Webinar will be open to access from 9:45am on Sunday 15th August and the meeting will be begin at 10am.  

The link to directly access the AGM Zoom Webinar is https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86394719510?pwd=SElxM1VsTlFyUWxWa0VTd0UwQjE0QT09  

Or the details of the Zoom Webinar is
Webinar ID 863 9471 9510
Passcode 123

How do I interact within the webinar?

Most people will simply just watch the AGM presentations and listen to the different elements of the meeting, but you may wish to interact. At the bottom of the zoom webinar screen you will see Q&A or “raise your hand” and these are the two main ways of interacting in the webinar meeting.  

Q&A allows you to type a question to the panel who can either type a response or answer you live. Raising your hand indicates you wish to speak to the meeting and you will be given access so that everyone can hear you.  

The main way that we will invite people to interact is through voting. For all normal voting (such as approving the budget) we will be using a pop-up window in zoom webinar. For the decision on whether to offer a call to the proposed second minister for TUC, this needs to be a secret ballot, so we will be using surveymonkey.  

The link for the secret ballot is https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/TUCvote (Note that this link will not go live until Sunday)

What if I need more information or help

We have put together a detailed instructions which you can download here.  

If you have any issues, you can call:
Geoff Leslie – 0422 578 099
Mark Whipp – 0421 373 360
Mike Kelfens – 043 4294 145
Phil Swain – 0417 123 891