Youth Group Update (From Jonty) – 28/5/2020

Youth Group Update (From Jonty) – 28/5/2020

Hi everyone! Just a quick update on what’s happening in the realm of Kids and Youth – there are a few changes happening at Square One. We have been trying some different things and after a few weeks we have decided to make some more changes. So instead of running a separate Bible study on a Wednesday afternoon, we will be bringing that to Friday evenings. The usual fun and games will be continuing on a Friday night, but the Bible study element will be combined into Friday nights too – we are going to continue our look into the book of Romans.

The Zoom ID for Friday is 688-624-1901, and the password is squareone.

The podcast has been going really well, and I’m super happy that so many of you have enjoyed that so far – a new episode featuring myself, Max Day and Marty Cornford should be up by the time this email goes out, and if not will be available very soon for download on the church website under the Square One tab. If you want to be involved and come in and have a chat on the podcast get in touch, I’d love to have as many different voices on as possible.

The Turrazone newsletter is continuing to be published on the website, as well as being emailed directly to the Turrazone mailing list – if you would like to be added to the mailing list please get in touch and I will make sure that you get that resource sent directly to you every Friday.

Myself and the leaders cannot wait to be able to meet in person again, and are planning some amazing things for when we finally can do so. In the meantime, keep looking after yourself and each other, and if you have any questions or suggestions about anything kids or youth related don’t hesitate to get in touch!